10 Ways to Maximise your Self-Build Budget

Making your Self-Build Budget go Further

When it comes to self-build homes, it’s really important to maximise your budget and get the most for your money. Whether you’re building a modest bungalow or a three-story mansion, being careful with your funds will stop you from being unnecessarily frivolous and make it easier to avoid waste.

Here are 10 ways to make your budget go further:

  1. Find out how much money you can raise

There’s plenty to think of with regards to custom builds, but in order to maximise your funds you must know how much you have to start with. So, look at equity you have in existing property, take a glance at your savings and check out mortgages for new builds.

  1. Negotiate land prices

If you’ve seen a plot you like, but it’s a little on the expensive side, don’t be afraid to pursue some hard negotiations. Many people spend half their budget on a plot and so even a small percentage off the price can free up thousands of pounds for your project.

  1. Keep the design simple

While professionals such as Croydon architects can help you design the perfect property, it’s best to keep things simple. The more expansive and complicated the build, the more materials will be needed and this all costs money.

  1. Avoid bespoke

If you want anything in a shape, size or material than has requires customisation, expect to pay a premium. Bespoke products are more expensive than items that can be bough ‘off-the-shelf.’ It’s still possible to add a unique touch by making/rejuvenating old furniture or getting creative with artwork and interior decoration.

  1.  Do your homework

When looking for reputable builders to take your project in hand, always compare and contrast prices. Don’t simply take the first quote that comes your way as you could end up spending way more than you actually have to.

  1. Embrace DIY

From architects South East London to expert painters and decorators, there are many skilled people out there. Use professionals where necessary, but don’t be afraid to embrace DIY. By chipping in on certain tasks such as repurposing old tables, painting the walls or laying flooring you can save cash.

  1. Think about construction

When you request architectural services, talk carefully about construction and explain that you want an airtight build with impeccable insulation as this ‘fabric first’ approach will help to avoid excessive heating costs down the line.

  1. Negotiate the price of big-ticket items

While you’ll be able to pick up great bargains for screws, paint, wallpaper and other home build necessities online, negotiating money off big-ticket items such as bricks, tiles windows and stairs can save you thousands. It’s good to know that sales representatives have targets and therefore buying in bulk or offering to pay cash might work in the favour of you – and them.

  1. Don’t splash out during the initial build

Home builds can be expensive, especially if you include all the frills from marble kitchen worktops to golden taps from day one. One of the best ways to budget effectively is to keep everything basic until your finances are on track. You can then add in even more personal touches.

  1. Choose the right architects

You’ll have to shop around but with experts at hand and a free architect consultation, you should be able to bring the cost of your home build down significantly, especially if you reveal your budget. Architects can tweak the design so it’s energy efficient. This might include positioning the living room, so it receives the most sunlight during the day. With natural rays shining through you can avoid turning on electric lights – and maybe even the heating.

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