Home improvements that don't need planning permission

If you’re planning on a home renovation, you probably know that gaining planning permission is a pretty tedious and tiresome process. You just want to get on with your home renovation, not wait around for permission! Luckily, you don’t always have to.

If you want to avoid needing planning permission or get started on other projects whilst you wait, our team at Bluelime Home Design have put together some home renovation ideas you can do in the meantime. These are known as ‘permitted developments’ and are A-Okay to get going with!

Note: If your property is listed, you’ll have to be more careful with what you can and can’t do.

Single Storey Extension

A question we get a lot is ‘How much can I extend my house without planning permission?’. Well, until 2019, you can build an 8 metre, single-story extension on a detached house, or one of 6-metres on an attached house. There are a few specific rules on extensions to houses, so be sure to check up on those (you can always drop our team an email and we’ll help you out!). Extensions can be a great way to add a whole lot of space to your home, whether you need a new bedroom or are dreaming of a big, open kitchen – it’s the perfect solution.


The rules for conservatories are the same as for single storey extensions. Again, a conservatory can be a great and easy way to add space, as well as bringing a ton of light into your home and even providing a place to grow a few windowsill plants!

Loft Conversion

When it comes to home renovation ideas that don’t require planning permission, a loft conversion is a popular solution. You don’t even need to build onto your home – you’re simply making better use of the space you already have! Transform your loft into a home cinema, a games room or whatever your imagination can conjure up.

Outbuilding Planning Permission

This is one you’ll have to look into to be sure you’re able to build an outbuilding on your property (again, you can ask us!), but outbuilding’s can be allowed under permitted developments. You could build a shed, home office or summerhouse.

Do I Need Planning Permission for Internal Alterations?

Usually, internal alterations including removing walls and swapping rooms are allowed under permitted developments.

At Bluelime Home Design, we have a lot of experience in planning permission and can help you with all the tricky ins and outs. We also have in-depth, local knowledge in areas such as Dartford, Bromley and Bexley.

We have more information on general planning permission and planning permission for extensions, so be sure to check out what we have to say if you need more help! Alternatively, you can get in touch with our friendly team of experts and we’ll help you directly.


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