Family Friendly Home Designs

Your home should be somewhere you all feel relaxed, happy and safe. The right layout can greatly affect the comfort and practicality of your property, which is why it’s important to give some thought to family friendly home design. If you know a restyle and revamp is needed, but don’t know where to start, here are some ideas to set the ball in motion.

  • Open dining areas

Whether your walled-off dining room has been left to gather dust, or you want to create a more social area for cooking and eating, open dining areas are bang on trend. Living/kitchen areas are becoming increasingly normal, so you might want to think about incorporating a dining area in the kitchen itself or placing seating in the living room with a table that can extend according to how many people are home for dinner. If you’ve a large family, this is often more convenient than trying to bundle everyone into a separate dining room.

To make this work, find reputable architectural services that can make your vision a reality.

  • A stylish, modern kitchen

The kitchen can be a hub of activity in the morning when everyone’s getting breakfast and at night when people return home from work. If you’re at home with the kids, it also needs to be a practical and safe space for little ones who might want to help with baking, so think about family friendly interior design for the kitchen. Whether it’s open plan or not, there are things you can do to make this space more practical and welcoming such as investing in wipe-clean marble surfaces. Statement lightening is another way to spruce up your environment and how about a touch of customisation with patterned flooring?

  • Antibacterial materials

If you’ve young children at school, you’ll know that illness is a part of life. Little ones are well-known for bringing back bugs and viruses, so wouldn’t it be nice to incorporate antibacterial materials into your home redesign? Believe it or not there are antibacterial countertops available that help stop the spread of germs. These are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens with antibacterial shower walls eliminating the need to grout – saving you a job on a Sunday morning.

  • Matte black finishes

If the thought of anything white with children in the house makes you turn, well, white, you may appreciate the matte black finish trend which is fashionable right now. The popularity of brass accessories has been overtaken by black matte finishes helping to give any home a modern makeover. Pairing black matte taps with a white sink, for instance, looks wonderfully stylish and is a relatively inexpensive design upgrade. You could also go the extra mile by introducing black drawer knobs, black picture frames, black plant pots and more. This will look particularly good in a minimalist environment.

  • Bring back wallpaper

Wallpaper is making a well-deserved comeback. While this is sure to be music to the ears of those who are tired of paint brushes and rollers, it’s also important to get the style right. There’s no right and wrong way to decorate your home, but if you opt for tiny florals, your property could look extremely dated. Instead, opt for bold florals, geometric patterns, bold colours, textures and anything else that matches the interior décor of your home. If papering the whole of your home might seem a little too much, consider creating a feature wall for added interest.

If you’re looking for an architect that can transform your home into a family-friendly masterpiece, contact Bluelime Home Design today. Find out more about the services available here and book a home design consultation. Bluelime serves the South East covering areas such as Dartford, Bromley, Bexley, Erith and Croydon.

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