Choosing a local Croydon architect for your home renovation


Making changes to your Croydon or South East London property can be daunting. But to ensure the whole process is hassle-free, it’s important to seek out experienced, highly-knowledgeable and reputable architects in South East London. Planners and designers will walk you through each stage of your project. So, how should you prepare for your first meeting with the experts?

Here are 6 useful tips:

  1. Do your research

Before you meet face-to-face, do your research so you can understand the expertise of the architects you’ve chosen. Perhaps they’ve carried out work before that you like the look of and want to replicate? Maybe they have a portfolio that looks visually appealing and you want to learn about. The more knowledge you have in advance, the more you’ll be able to delve deeper into what can be achieved.

  1. Write down questions

When it comes to property development, reconstruction, conversions or refurbishments, you’ve probably got loads on your mind. It can be easy to forget what you want to ask during a meeting, so be sure to write down questions as you go and fill in the answers during discussions. If there’s anything that goes unanswered or you’re not sure about, don’t be afraid to ask again until you feel satisfied.

  1. Talk about planning permission

If you’re changing the external appearance of your home, you’re likely to need planning permission. Similarly, if you live in a listed or protected building, you can’t just make changes at will. So, find out how long it will take to obtain specialist or Croydon planning permission. Costs of services and timescales can be found on the council’s website. Your local Croydon architects will also have developed strong professional relationships with local authorities and professionals, andwill understand the exact requirements demanded by planning authorities in the region.

  1. Ask to see local examples of work

Architects with a solid reputation and a good track record will not mind you asking to see examples of previous work. In fact, they should be forthcoming and proud to showcase a portfolio – or even take you to see physical examples of their designs in person. Local experts are likely to have carried out a number of projects from start to finish so be wary if they’re reluctant to talk about past experiences.

  1. Provide a thumbnail sketch

Come to the meeting loaded with ideas! That way you can talk through what’s possible and what might need to be adapted in order to achieve planning permission or stay on budget. Home owners often dream big. And that’s fine. But expert architects are more realistic and while the end results should be outstanding, the implementation must be both affordable and practical.

  1. Talk about a timescale

Home improvements will disrupt your day-to-day life. So, you need to know how long everything will take. Ask about the timescale for architectural services such as building regulations drawings and construction drawings as well as planning permission and a best – and worst-case – scenario for how long the actual build is likely to go on for.

Once you have these rough timelines, you can plan whether you need to move out for comfort reasons or can make do living in certain rooms of your home. It all depends on how invasive the construction work is, and the amount of work needed.

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