Choosing the Right Flooring

When it comes to  your home renovation, you’re going to be faced with a whole lot of decisions to make. From how much to spend on cupboard doors to the team of builders you choose, there’s a lot to consider!

One of those decisions is going to be based on what flooring type to choose for your home. With so many options, it can be pretty hard to know which floor is best for your house, but don’t panic! Our team at Bluelime Home Design have gathered together our extensive knowledge on all things home remodeling to help you with your whole house flooring ideas.

Consider Continuity

When it comes to types of flooring for homes, you should consider the whole look of your home renovation. You want to find a floor that matches your overall interior aesthetic, creating a seamless flow in design that carries your guests from room to room, and you definitely don’t want any adjacent flooring to clash! Be mindful of your whole home when choosing flooring type.

How to Choose Flooring Type for Room Size

Room size can play a big part in your flooring options. For a large room, you can get away with bolder patterns (depending on the rest of the interior, of course). You can also use dark, warm tones to create a far cosier feel in big spaces and lighter, brighter tones to open up smaller rooms.

Look Under Different Lights

Light in a room changes throughout the day, so be sure to check your potential flooring options under different types of light – definitely don’t trust the bright electric lights of the showroom! Take a sample home and look at it at periods throughout the day as the light shifts. This’ll give you a far better idea of how it’s going to look when choosing flooring colour for your home.

Practicality and Aesthetics

When it comes to how to choose flooring type, we at Bluelime Home Design think it’s important to consider practicality and aesthetics in equal measure. You need to get a floor that’s suitable for your room’s purpose – for example in a bathroom you want a floor that can handle water and is easy to clean – but also fits the look of your home and personal style. Plan out first what each room needs in a floor and then what style you’d like, combining the two to find your best fit.

If you’re getting bogged down in decisions and need an extra pair of hands (or heads!) to help you out with your home remodeling project, check out our team at Bluelime Home Design. We help people just like you to design and build their dream homes every day of the week! Take a peep at our past projects to see more of what we do or start chatting with the team today and get the ball rolling on your renovation.

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