This year home design trends

If you’re thinking about a spot of interior remodelling, it’s always useful to look at the latest fashions. They can give you ideas and inspiration for your new look, help you increase space and convenience, and much more. With that in mind, here are some of the home design trends for 2018 that we like best.

  1. Open plan living

A penchant for open plan living has been emerging over the past few years among homeowners, and it’s one of the key renovation trends in 2018. Having a living space that makes cooking and socialising easier is appealing to many buyers as it creates an informal and relaxed environment. There’s also more flexibility in the design, allowing you to add several seating areas, islands or other touches.

  1. Natural light

Many homeowners are renovating their space to let in more natural light. Bifold doors, Velux windows, lantern roofs – there’s a definite demand for an increase in sunlight throughout the day. With new styles of window that ensure energy efficiency, your home will stay cool in summer and warm in winter, without increasing your bills.

  1. Spa style bathrooms

The bathroom is becoming a true haven of tranquillity, with luxurious, spa-like designs being favoured in 2018. His and hers sinks, large showers with multiple shower heads and a small seat, underfloor heating – even wireless music systems – are being incorporated into en-suite and family bathrooms. Natural touches such as plants are also a popular way of adding to the sense of calm.

  1. Home offices

As more businesses are becoming open to staff working from home, a current house remodelling trend is to create a home office. This can be done by adding in stud walls, converting a garage or loft, or even extending slightly to make room for it. Some clever remodelling can give you the space you need for a comfortable office space without detracting too much from the family living area or bedrooms.

  1. Entrance halls

For many, the hallway is the place where shoes are kicked off and jackets hung up, but some homeowners are going a step further to make this space extra practical. Tiled floors make for easy cleaning once dirty shoes are off and storage units can be installed so each member of the family has their own cubby for jackets, umbrellas and such. Even bikes and outdoor equipment can be stored here if you choose.

  1. Minimalism

There’s something really refreshing about a good declutter, and as more of our things become digital, there’s less need for storage in places such as the living room. One of the home design trends for 2018 is all about streamlining and simplifying. CDs and DVDs are replaced with digital music and films, books are replaced with Kindles, and all this amounts to a reduced need for large storage units.

Homeowners are opting to reduce the amount of ‘stuff’ and ensure each furniture item has a clear purpose. The removal of upper cabinets in some areas also creates the feeling more light and space.

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