We are an RIBA Chartered Architectural Practice based in Erith, Kent with satellite offices in Bexley, Croydon, Bromley and Dartford. More offices are being added continually to facilitate our growth across all of London and the South East.

We have been specialising in home extension, conversion and luxury new build one off house design for over a decade and have designed over 400 properties to date.

Our team consists of not only Architects but also Structural Engineers, Project Managers and high quality trusted builders.

Our team of ARB RIBA registered Architects are all based right here in our state of the art design Studio in Erith, Kent. That allows us to produce designs and 3D visuals (normally the preserve of high end commercial schemes) on your home meaning you can see exactly how it's going to look in real life.

At our state of the art design studio located in Erith South East London we have the latest in design technology. That allows us to create amazing 3D visuals and real life imagery of exactly how your property is going to look. We can even do fly throughs of each room as if you were actually there.

Having continually invested in both hardware and software we now use the latest market leading design software (AutoCAD Revit). Our highly trained design team are able to get the best out of this software using it to its full potential and giving you a more real to life image of what your property is going to look like. Gone are the days of 2D design.

Our measuring equipment is also ground breaking. It actually takes measurements in 3D and imports the data directly into AutoCAD meaning there is less room for error and giving you more accurate designs. No more tape measures! Well maybe occasionally!

Our offices are fully equipped with video conferencing facilities which we use continually. It allows us to share your property designs with you in real time no matter where you are in the world. You can even watch your design change and adapt as we do right there in front of you real time.

But all that is just a glimpse of what we can do from our state of the art studio. Why don’t you come in, meet the team and see for yourself.

Our Team

What a team of amazing and talented people we have in Bluelime. We have fourteen of the best in the industry ranging from RIBA and ARB registered Architects to Project Managers to Architectural Assistants and everyone else in between that you might need to develop your property. We even employ our own Structural Engineer meaning your designs are more integrated, fully considered and accurate when you get to the construction design stage. We come from all over the world but what is really exciting is in the way we give you individuality and personalisation. What we mean by that is each of our designers have their own little specialities, quirks, likes and dislikes in what makes property design great, what gives it their own special signature. That is a great trait as a design business, it means you benefit from a vast breadth of experience and get several different design options, all just a little bit different but all amazing and tailored specifically for you.