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Bluelime Home Design are based in Dartford, our Designers and Project Managers are experts in local planning restrictions and building costs. Ultimately saving you money by getting it right first time and using trusted builders.

Bluelime Home Design was established by founder and MD Glenn Williams in 2006 to focus primarily on designing and project managing retail stores throughout the UK. Having been previously employed by Specsavers they became Bluelime Home Design's first and biggest client and were responsible for adding over 100 stores to their portfolio.

As the business grew Bluelime Home Design began to also focus on house design which was a natural progression due to Glenn's extensive experience in this market of over 20 years. In fact Glenn was earning money from designing houses whilst studying for his Degree In Construction Engineering and Management at Jordans town University of Ulster back in 1994 and dreamt of following his passion once again.

Bluelime Home Design is now the fastest growing house designers in their region, covering the areas of Dartford, Bexley, Erith, Bromley, Blackheath, Greenwich, Lewisham, Dulwich. We expect to be completing 1 project per day by year end.

We think this is testament to the customer focused attention we provide at every stage of our service.

Glenn Williams Bsc (Hons) MCIOB MBEng MCABE

Managing Director

Craziest thing ever done:
Mmmm! - Bungee Jump


Glenn Williams

Managing director Glenn Williams is the founder of Bluelime Home Design and it is his personal commitment and drive that helps push the business to further success. With a wealth of management and design experience in the retail and real estate sectors, Glenn spotted a shortfall in the level of service provided to householders wishing to extend their homes in his home area of Bexley in Kent and generally across the South East. In particular there seemed to be a reluctance to focus on cost as part of the design process. Glenn sees this as fundamental, how can our clients make an informed decision about what design to go for if they don't know how much each one is going to cost. There is always more ways than one to achieve your dream home. We design and cost out each of them so you can make an informed decision on what one to go for. Glenn remains a major ambassador for the company, as well as intimately involved in day-to-day design and project management.

Glenn’s CV includes a four year stint leading the contract management department of Europe’s largest optical retailer, where he was responsible for building almost a quarter of the company’s 1300 stores – reducing average shopfit costs by 30% and duration by 20%. During his tenure on the board of directors of a leading property consultancy, he helped secure a seven-year public building maintenance contract, equating to £1m turnover in fees per year.

Mark Montgomery ACIOB


Craziest thing ever done:
Lost control of my go kart and hit the tyre wall at over 80mph! - It hurt!Mark is a bit of a petrol head!


He races go karts in his spare time and is actually quite good. Although we do reckon he thinks he’s better than he really is. He’s a bit of saddo actually and likes nothing more than tinkering with his engine. Yawn!

In his professional life you will get no-one more solid than Mark. He is very dependable and just gets the job done. No fuss, no stress, gets the head down and delivers on time. Over the past 25 years Mark has gained vast experience and expertise in the management and design of construction projects of various sizes and complexity. However Marks forte is his understanding and ability in providing high quality designs that can be built on sensible budgets rather than just throwing money at unrealistic elaborate ideas that will never be affordable. He is also an accredited energy assessor.

Home extensions and conversions are Mark's speciality. He is able to quickly gauge your requirements and produce several designs that will give you what you need. His humour and wit means dealing with Mark on your project is always a pleasure with a little hint of fun along the way once you get to know him.

Norman McKernan


Craziest thing ever done:
Don’t think I can mention it here!


Norman loves Rugby. He still thinks he is a rugby player. He used to play at quite a high level for Ulster in N.Ireland but unfortunately he is now too old and slow!

So he now plays more golf than rugby and generally tries to keep fit. Norman again is very dependable. He has an eye for detail and a knack of creating homes people love. His vast knowledge specialising in designing UK homes means there is nothing he hasn’t come across before. He is well versed in UK planning restrictions and is often able to get approvals first time round. UK Building Regulations can be a bit of a minefield but Norman knows exactly what to apply when and how best to meet the requirements whilst keeping the project affordable at all times.

He is a huge asset to our business and is actually just quite huge generally. Larger than life character and great fun as part of our team.

Alison Williams BA (Hons)

Finance Director

Craziest thing ever done:
Skydive (I’m actually scared of heights)


Alison has been with the business from day one through thick and thin. Nothing really gets passed her. Hot on the numbers and keeping costs down she is always giving everybody a hard time – joking Alison. She is very dependable and pretty much keeps everything in check not just the numbers. With three lovely children demanding time at Karate, Gymnastics, Football, Dancing, Hockey and Cricket there isn’t much time left to do other stuff although she has been known to squeeze in a nice glass (or 2) of Chapel Down rose at the weekend.

Darren McClintock

Director of Sales

Craziest thing ever done:
Swam with sharks

Darren McClintock

The frontman directing our Sales and Marketing operations is our very own crisp monster Darren McClintock. Darren brings with him a can-do, ‘never say die’ attitude to every project we undertake. Having spent many years behind bars (working as a bar man during his Uni days!!) Darren developed a penchant for pickled onion crisps, flying power kites and taught himself how to be a disappointingly mediocre golfer. With a multitude of experience in senior management positions across a number of different sectors, Darren’s Sales/Marketing/Project Management experience ensures that he never misses those all-important Planning Application, Building Control and Final Completion deadlines.

Dana Schrenck BA (Hons)

Architectural Designer

Craziest thing ever done:
Owned and rode a unicycle

Dana Architectural Designer

No matter if it's Cycling, Judo, Dancing, Juggling, Painting, Horse riding, she's done them all. Very energetic and with a curious personality, she takes challenges with a positive humour, which is quite a good deal, since she loves saying YES to challenges.

With more than 12 years of artistic background, there's no doubt she's going to nail your perfect design. Whether you know exactly what suits you, or you prefer to talk about how the cats love to play all over the house or how many quests you had for dinner, she'll know exactly how to talk you through and create the space you need.

It's always fun to work with a spontaneous person like Dana, and when creativity strikes, Baaam! You better take a photo of your new house extension and send it over, so everyone can see your home.

Dana is currently RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) Part 2 qualified having studied a 7 year Architectural Degree and Masters at the University of Architecture and Urban Planning Bucharest, RO

Ovidiu Radu


Craziest thing ever done:
Paragliding through a cloud surrounded by mountains

Ovidiu (Ovi for short) is certainly an outdoor type of guy, easy going and doesn’t take life too seriously. Ovi does all sorts of stuff in his spare time like mountaineering, rock climbing, paragliding, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, airsoft, hitchhiking, and photography. He also likes sci-fi books and want to take up sailing. But don’t worry - somehow he finds time to actually do some design work.

Ovi’s motto: Don’t live your life like there’s no tomorrow because you’ll wake up in jail.

Ovi has an eye for the detail and is very creative. When designing homes he submerses himself in the project and often finds himself working into the early hours not realising the time going by. Once Ovi starts something, no matter how hard it becomes, he doesn’t stop until he finishes it and resolves every little detail.

Ovi spent twenty years of his life in school, that’s without repeating any year (21 in total), and still he loves to learn new things every day. Ovi studies human behaviour and psychology (in secret); he says ‘most of my research is done on me – I don’t fail to amaze myself everyday!’

Ovi loved architecture before he even knew what architecture really was, then at aged fifteen shifted towards computer science and programming. In the end (just before Uni) Ovi realised his heart was with his first love architecture and commenced his degree in Architecture. Ovi is now a fully qualified RIBA Part 3 ARB registered Architect and is a huge asset to our business. Aside from his exceptional design capability he has also been instrumental in various process and customer service improvements. Maybe you will see Ovi on your project soon.

Mark Attwater

Project Manager

Craziest thing ever done:
Hot air ballooning in Egypt when skimming palm trees and crash landing in a field of crops.

Mark loves to walk with our two bulldogs Archibald & Bronson who rule the roost indoors. He is always tinkering with cars and would like to have his own classic car to cherish when he retires.

Mark is a very experienced Project Manager with 30 years in the building/home improvement field adding practical knowledge when liaising with clients/builders as well as a flair for design. Mark has an in depth knowledge of products and design methods to make your extension/new home unique and affordable.

Mark’s extensive project management experience means he gives customers a high level of care and peace of mind on their investments.

Tina Pope


Craziest thing ever done:
Quite a few things.. Stroke Shamu the killer whale, Bungee jump, Zip-wired and Paragliding!

Tina loves walking with her fur boys Burt and The Padster her miniature Schnauzers. Tina has been known to walk 70 miles in a week if she has things on her mind! Tina has been involved in Rainbow runs, Midnight Walks and Bala challenge.

Tina recently met Prince Charles for the second time who is charming. She loves a G&T or a Rose wine with friends and loves to socialise.

Tina has travelled quite a bit to places including Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, LA, Las Vegas, New York, Florida, Majorca, all the Canary Islands but her favourite place ever is Ambleside in the Lakes where she can take her fur boys to all the inns and of course up the mountains.

Tina runs a tight ship and keeps us all in line. She is an expert in call handling and spends a lot of her time talking to customers and taking down critical information so we can follow up on initial client enquiries.

What makes Bluelime Home Design different...

To ensure you get the absolute best design that you are completely happy with it is important we complete several layout options for you to consider. We will work through these options together taking the best from each one and coming up with a final design that you are completely happy with. This is a unique part of our service. Most Architectural Designers will design you one option on a take it or leave it basis. We want to make sure that together we have thought of everything and the only way to do this is to present several layouts that will meet your requirements in different ways.

We also provide budget costs relating to each layout option to give indicative construction costs in advance of tender returns from contractors. This is beneficial to determine if the scheme needs to be adjusted in size or complexity to meet your budget expectation in advance of appointing building contractors to price. This is also a unique part of our service and not normally offered by Architectural Designers. To us this is an absolute essential part of the service – there is no point us designing you something that you cannot afford. Builders prices fluctuate for various reasons but we are comfortable that our budget estimates are representative of industry standard costs. This de-risks the financial investment for you.

We pride ourselves in the amount of detail and specification we include in our construction designs and as part of our service we also carry out full Mechanical, Electrical, Lighting and Drainage designs. We also provide a full door schedule including ironmongery requirements for each door. Ultimately this reduces risk and cost for our clients as the building contractor has all the information they require to provide an accurate quotation from the outset. This leaves nothing to chance and ensures your construction budget is never exceeded throughout the build as a result of inadequate or insufficient information provided at the design stage.

You can rest assured that your development is in safe hands and that you will always be covered in the unlikely event anything should go wrong. As a Limited Company we carry full Employers, Public and Products Liability insurance up to £2,000,000 and Professional Indemnity insurance up to £250,000. We also ensure that any contractors we use have suitable Public and Employers Liability also (They don’t need Professional Indemnity).

We always give a full breakdown of our fees so you can see exactly what you are paying for up front. It is worth noting that every project we have completed to date has increased the value of the property beyond the cost of design and build. Even if your circumstances change; having planning permission for an extension to your house alone will increase the value of your property beyond the fee cost. So whatever way you do it - investing money on your home is the safest investment you can possibly make.

Bluelime Home Design Services...

Creativity in design, uniqueness in project delivery and desire to go the extra mile for every one of our clients allow us to produce individual property extensions and interiors at the forefront of design and function.

Whether you prefer a modern contemporary look and feel to your property or something more traditional we offer the complete service from property survey and design to project management and completion of your newly built home.

Sympathetic to your busy lifestyle we take care of everything ensuring your ideal living environment becomes reality pain free.

Often dealing with occupied properties we are completely in touch with your everyday living requirements. Working closely with the builders we will make the property development process a comfortable journey involving and helping you every step of the way.

The following is an extract from our service portfolio, but effectively we take care of whole property development process. We design your new home, we make all the necessary Local Authority applications and get it approved. That includes Planning Permission and Building Control approval. We produce construction drawings and specification and issue these to the builders for pricing. We advise on the best builder to use and we can manage the works all the way through meaning you don't need to worry about a thing.

  • Measured CAD Survey of your existing property
  • Existing layout and elevation design
  • Proposed layout and elevation design options
  • Build budgets for each design option
  • Final planning phase drawings and documentation
  • Planning application to local authority
  • Design and access statement
  • Structural details
  • Construction drawings including Mechanical, Electrical and drainage design
  • Building control application
  • Specification writing
  • Production of tender documentation
  • Assistance with selection of tendering contractors
  • Analyses of contractor tender returns
  • Advice and recommendation of most appropriate contractor
  • Appointment of contractor on your behalf
  • Production of contract documentation
  • Placing of contracts to safeguard all parties
  • Project Management of the building work
  • Handover of completed building
  • Management of defect liability period to ensure any snagging or defects are rectified by builder
  • Final sign off by building control inspector and issuing of final completion certificate

Here at Bluelime Home Designs we offer a free design consultation

What you get at your free design consultation worth at least £450

  • Expert advice for as long as you want by one of our own lead designers either at your property or over the phone whichever is most convenient for you
  • An assessment of your property highlighting site restrictions and any issues we may need to think about during the design
  • A full detailed analyses of what type of extension/remodel will work within the area you have
  • Several layout ideas that will give you the extra space you need
  • Design ideas on what we have created for others and how these could work for you
  • A visual check on drainage issues – due to new regulations it is very important we get this right now
  • A visual assessment of potential impact on neighbours
  • Design proposals sympathetic with neighbour requirements and your local area
  • Detail on how we can blend the extension in with your existing house and available space
  • Detail on how we can create the best open plan Kitchen/Dining area specifically within your home
  • Detail on how we can maximize natural light in this area
  • Ideas on the best sort of Kitchen layout that will make it perfect for anything from entertaining your guests to feeding the children
  • Detail on how we can make this space open out in to your garden area bringing the outside in
  • Perhaps you have a conservatory that you can’t use (too cold in the winter, too hot in the summer) – we will explain the best way to make that space more usable and comfortable too
  • Full detailed explanation about the various processes involved and regulations you need to comply with in 'lay man' terms.
  • Detail on the various applications that need to be made to keep you within the law and cost involved
  • A likely approximate build cost and program
  • Detailed cost breakdown of everything involved
  • Likely time scales involved from start to finish taking into account planning permission and various other mandatory approvals
  • Guidance on what is likely to get passed the planners
  • Options on how we can fastback things if need be e.g. Permitted Development
  • Detail on how to save money with your project
  • Likely increased value of your house if you go ahead with the work
  • Things to be wary of

Get your free personalised design

Within 24 hours of your free design consultation you will get your own free personal 9 page design report explaining everything you need to know about your project specifically, detailing the following:

  • Full project brief confirming what it is we are trying to achieve by extending your home
  • How we will achieve this with various different options
  • Specific concerns that need to be addressed as part of the design
  • There are normally many ways of giving you what you want – we’ll explain them all here too
  • How to keep yourself protected throughout the works
  • How to get your project in on budget
  • How to save money
  • How extending your home is the best investment you will ever make
  • Next steps involved to get your project underway