Want to know the secret to saving money when extending your home?

Over the years I have seen it time and time again, this great big myth of what to do first when extending your home. Well today, be prepared to be let into the secret of the first step you need to take to extend your home.

Let me guess, you have been thinking about creating more space in your home for some time? It's got to that stage, enough is enough, you need the room now. You want to entertain guests and family in a more sociable way, sitting around a new island unit where you can chat, cook, have a laugh all at the same time. Your Kitchen is getting a bit tired – might as well open the whole Kitchen and Dining room up and extend out the back to make a much bigger open plan Kitchen/Diner.

Perhaps it's a new Master Bedroom with Ensuite and Dressing Room you need, perhaps it's all these things. Either way you know its better to improve than move!
You also know its a great investment to develop your own home. Lets face it, new properties coming onto the market at the right price that fit all your requirements are few and far between. There is so much more you can do with your current home which you love – so why would you move?

But heres the thing…

Once the decision is made to make improvements or extend your home, almost everyone takes the completely wrong approach to get things moving. This is understandable. It might have been how things were done in the past. Not now though. Times have moved on. Service expectations and quality of work are much higher these days. Regulations stricter. Gone are the days where you can knock up a bit of an extension using Dave down the road who's a part time Bricky/Cabby.

There is a secret to all this which saves you money in the long run…

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I have seen it time and time again where home owners have taken the wrong approach and get themselves in a mess with their building work going over budget, things not getting finished on time, builder not coming back to finish off snagging, builder not turning up. All the classics which we have all seen on some of those DIY TV programmes.

You can avoid all this…


The secret is actually quite simple...


You are wasting your time and to be fair to the builder – theirs too.

Now I must add before I go any further, this is not to do the builder a disservice. After all, our projects are only ever as good as the builder makes them. We are totally reliant on the builder performing and producing a quality project. In fact we do everything we can to help him do this as it helps you and us at the end of the day.

However, be aware…

There is absolutely no point getting the builder involved ahead of having designs produced. There is nothing for them to price. All decent builders will confirm this to you anyway. Anybody worth their salt will tell you to get the plans produced and all your approvals in place before they can give you a realistic meaningful price for the work. And they don't mean planning drawings either (the ones you use for planning permission – these are indicative details only) he means the construction drawings, structural designs, specifications, all the stuff he needs to give you a realistic fixed price.

You are wasting your time, taking a day off work to meet a builder who cannot give you an idea of cost. You will find builders take your job much more seriously if you have plans already drawn up and approvals in place. That's where we come in!

Even if a builder does give you a rough budget – what good is it? You cant hold them to anything. They could pull any old figure out of the air. What’s stopping them knowing it will probably cost £50,000 then knocking off £10,000 to get the job, then getting the £10,000 back again through inflated variations during the works. This can all be avoided by having all these plans in place FIRST.







We will come and meet you at your property and explain everything you need to know.

At your free design consultation we will write you out a fully detailed 9 page design report detailing out every step in the process and the cost involved.

And it's all totally free…

Our high success rate of projects in your area and our knowledge of local building costs allow us to do this and we do not want you spending money on something you might not go ahead with.

When we get to the design stage, we will even budget out the likely build cost of each of the designs we do for you, so you're fully informed and involved at every step of the way, knowing exactly where your money can get you.

After we do the construction drawings based on a scheme that we know fits your budget – then we get the builder involved. They can be one of yours, a friends recommendation or one of our own approved and trusted builders who we have worked with for many years – whoever you choose, we do not mind. So long as they can prove their quality of work and are recommended by previous clients they have worked for.

We will not work with cowboys though. As I said before we are only as good as the builders we use and we cannot let our hard earned reputable name be tarnished by dodgy builders. Having said that, most builders in our experience have been very good. But it is important to use the right one that comes with a reputable history.


There’s more…

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