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When it comes to home extensions, things aren’t always straightforward. We don’t want to scare you off or anything – in fact, we want to help you by making it more straightforward! – but it pays to know that you can’t just dive straight into building an extension to your home without any preparation. So, you need to build up your knowledge first. To get you started, our team at Bluelime Home design have put together a few important do’s and don’ts that you can follow to keep your project on track.

Do Prepare a Budget and Schedule

Before any home extensions begins, we always recommend creating a budget and schedule. This’ll help you to stay realistic about what you can and can’t do in your extension plans and also give you and your team a good idea of what they should be doing and when. Of course, things do change so factor in a little wiggle room – put some money aside for unplanned extras and be prepared for the schedule to not go exactly as you’ve got it down.

Don’t Choose Workers on Quotes Alone

When picking out your team of super-workers who will help you take your home extensions from idea to competition, don’t base them on quotes alone. It can be very tempting to go with the lowest price, but that won’t always secure you the best team. Gather quotes, reviews from customers, past project work and anything else you need and use all that information to make your decisions. It never pays to skimp on your workers!

Do Plan with Practicality in Mind

When adding an extension to your home, understand that your property will have limitations. Although it’d be lovely to draw up your dream design and have it all happen as if by magical, that isn’t the way it works (unfortunately!). You need to consider everything from the foundations of your home to your surroundings – and always remember planning permission – and factor these limitations into your ideas.

Don’t Go OTT with Your Home Extensions

If this is your first time putting together extensions plans and you’re doing it alone, don’t go crazy. You don’t have to do everything all at once and it’s better to keep things simple and controlled – it’ll be far easier to manage! Remember that you have plenty of time to create your dream extension, so start by creating the base and then go from there.

If your home extension ideas are too big for you to handle on your own and you want to make sure you avoid these mistakes, get in touch with our skilled team of project managers and architects at Bluelime Home Design. We’re experts when it comes to extensions – just check out our kitchen extensions services to see for yourself!

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