How the Government is helping you build your own home

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Support for the self and custom build sector   If you dream of building your own home, you’re certainly not alone: 53 per cent of British people share that ambition, according to the National Custom and Self-Build Association. But when you first decide to embark on the project, you’ll be navigating some very unfamiliar waters… Read more »

Choosing a local architect for your self build project

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local architect

Designing your self-build It’s pretty obvious that, when building your own home, you need to get things right at the design stage. But there’s more to choosing an architect than finding someone who can design a house that won’t fall down. The question isn’t can they design a house, but can they design the right… Read more »

Bluelime Home Design commended for the tech innovation award at the BBEA 2019

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BBEA 2019

Architects, Bluelime Home Design Highly Commended for advanced 3D software which shows exactly how your dream home will look in real life Impressive 3D technology normally the preserve of high end commercial projects which lets people see how their new homes are going to look has won Bluelime architects an accolade in the Bexley Business… Read more »

Small, sustainable and salutary: how we’re designing our homes in 2019

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residential architecture trends 2019

Residential architecture trends for 2019 From tiny homes to huge windows, eco-friendly energy to plants on your walls, here’s how architecture is looking in 2019. Minihomes Population growth and rising housing costs mean that, particularly in towns and cities, making the most of space has become more crucial than ever. Architects have had to challenge… Read more »

Choosing the right windows for your home

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window styles

Window styles: Making the right choice Windows aren’t just for looking out of – the style of window you choose has a huge impact on the appearance and feel of your home. And there are lots of things to think about: size, materials, colours, insulation, even how the window will open and close. Style Personal… Read more »

4 Ways to maximise your home’s potential

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home layouts

Maximising your homes potential Whether it’s a country cottage or a luxury penthouse, you probably know what your dream home looks like on the outside. But you might not have such a clear picture of the inside. When you sit down to design it, however, that’s where you’ll need to start. The space and house… Read more »

Altering an older house: What you need to know

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altering older houses

Renovations on older homes If you’re privileged enough to live in an historic building, you’re incredibly lucky to have somewhere so special as your home. But every silver lining has a cloud – and in the case of historic buildings, it may rain a little on your home improvement parade. The planning laws are stricter… Read more »