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Inspirational Bathroom Ideas

Bathrooms have became quite a design centre piece of any new or extended home. It’s a place to relax, have some quiet time and put it all into perspective. Have a look at some of the design ideas, hints and tips below to see what could work for you. Same applies to En-Suites. It’s pretty much expected now that a house with three Bedrooms or more should have at least one En-Suite and one Master Bathroom.

1) Designer Taps And Basins

Consider wall mounted fountain or waterfall style designer taps over a vanity top style wash hand basin. This type of arrangement is definitely in right now with fixtures coming down in price and many manufacturers supplying some really innovative and modern designs.
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2) Feature Designer Baths

Feature designer baths can create an amazing centre piece for larger bathrooms. Maximising natural light through none frosted windows can also give perception of space. Put both things together and you can create an amazing relaxing space.
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3) Feature Lighting

Plan in your lighting at the same time as deciding where everything is going in your Bathroom. Arranging the lighting around each fitting works really well and gives you brighter or darker areas exactly where you want them.
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4) LED Spotlights

Alternatively evenly spaced LED Spotlights (normally 1000mm apart) can give a good overall modern look and are very energy efficient.
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5) Mirror Storage

Maximising the amount of mirror space gives the impression that your Bathroom is bigger than it actually is. Incorporating storage into the mirrors is a great idea and allows you to get all your toiletries hidden out of the way rather than cluttering up your vanity tops.
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6) En-Suites Are Now The Norm

If you’ve got the space always try and squeeze in an En-Suite. Without doubt En- Suites are one of the best ways to increase desirability of your home and are taken as a given for anything more than a three bedroom property (new or extended).
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7) Swap The Bath For A Shower

If space is tight don’t try and squeeze in another bath. Make the room feel bigger by incorporating a larger walk in shower. This gives you the opportunity to put in a bigger shower meaning you are not hitting your elbows every two minutes.
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8) Treat Yourself To A Jacuzzi

Jacuzzi’s have really came down in price recently and are a great addition to any Bathroom. Just be careful with the bubble bath though!
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9) Shop Around

Good quality fittings are important when it comes to showers and taps. Shop around online – you can get some great deals on designer fittings. Shower units and taps are the things that can go wrong. If you buy online just be prepared that if anything does go wrong it’s not easy to send it back.
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10) Loft En-Suites

Quite often loft conversions are used for an additional Bedroom with this new Bedroom becoming the Master Bedroom and therefore really warranting an En-Suite. Means you don’t have to keep coming down the stairs to use the Bathroom. Lofts are perfect for En- Suites if you have the space and head height.
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