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  • How to maximise natural light
  • Get the best use of space
  • Materials to use


Bedroom Ideas

Whether its an additional Bedroom for a growing family or you simply want more space in your own Bedroom, adding another Bedroom is one of the best ways to add value to your property. Have a look at some of the design ideas, hints and tips below to see what could work for you.

1) Technology And Classic Design

Even classic more traditional style Bedrooms can discreetly incorporate technology. Wall mounted LED Screens can be made part of fixtures and can even be installed in Bed footer boards coming out only when needed. Also get the speakers built into the ceiling out of the way.

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2) Maximise Storage

This is especially important in kids Bedrooms. They have so much stuff it seems you are constantly tidying their rooms. Incorporate easy to use storage that the kids can easily pull out and sort themselves.

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3) Use Your Loft

Quite often loft conversions are used for an additional Bedroom with this new Bedroom becoming the Master Bedroom and therefore really warranting an En-Suite. Means you don’t have to keep coming down the stairs to use the Bathroom. Lofts are perfect for Bedrooms and En-Suites if you have the space and head height.

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4) Add A Dressing Room

If you have the space to add a Dressing Room you should really think about it. They are great for getting rid of all the clutter and clothes hanging over the back of chairs and ends of beds. Also if one of you is an early riser you can go in there and get dressed whilst not waking the other up.

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5) Go for Soft Neutral Colours

You don’t want to be going crazy with bright colours in your Master Bedroom. After all you are meant to find it relaxing and conducive to sleep. Browns and creams can work well. Make sure bedding blends in with the décor.

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6) Add French Doors

Adding French doors to a Master Bedroom can bring the outside in in summer and bathes the whole bedroom in natural light. If you have a great view from your Bedroom this is the best way to exploit it.

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7) Add A Juliet Balcony

If you install French doors you will need a Juliet balcony to stop you falling out when the doors are opened. If possible use frameless glass so you can have a none obscured view. If you go frameless you will need to check the load capacity meet Building regulations

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8) Retain Privacy

Don’t forget that if you create more glass to see out, people can see in especially at night when the lights are on. Install full height thick curtains which also softens the overall appearance of the Bedroom

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9) Maximise Natural Light

Try and get windows wherever you can in Bedrooms but not to the detriment of privacy. If doing a loft Bedroom make sure you install roof windows. They are the best way of maximising natural light even more so than dormers windows and fairly cheap to install in comparison.

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10) Position Roof Lights Correctly

Make sure you think about where furniture is going before you finally decide on roof light positions. Over beds can work really well – when you wake you look right up to the sky giving a nice perspective. Remember to fit integral blinds however.

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