Thinking About Renovating Your Bexley Home?

Wish you could find the time and the patience to make those home improvements? Whether you want to renovate part of your home or secretly fantasize about that home extension or conversion, it can be off putting when you feel it is a lot of time and effort to make your dream home a reality.

That’s where our experienced architects at Bluelime Home Design steps in!

Operating from our offices in Bexley, Bluelime Home Design covers areas such as Bexleyheath, Erith, Crayford and Sidcup to name a few.  We are a unique team of architects, home designers and project managers, specialising in helping you to create your perfect home. We believe you should have control over your project but also understand the importance of having support at hand to take the stress away of managing such a large project when needed.

What Bluelime Home Design Can Do For You

Bluelime Home Design will work with you as little or as much as you need to meet your home designer and architectural needs. Some of the greatest benefits of working with us include:

  • We take care of getting you all the planning approvals you need. With offices in Dartford, Bromley and Bexley, we are experts in local planning restrictions. Having a great relationship with local authorities, we know exactly what local planners are looking for.
  • We produce several layout and design options for you. You won’t get this with many other architects, but we believe in giving you options so that you can truly see what can be achieved with the space in your home and then make a final informed decision about what is best for you.
  • We provide budget advice and concerns with each design option given to you. We consider this a unique but essential part of the planning process to ensure all aspects of the project are affordable. With our knowledge of local building costs, we have the experience to lay out your projected project costs.
  • Our designs are extremely detailed covering mechanical, electrical, electrical, lighting and drainage designs. This ensures your initial construction quote is as accurate as possible.

Ultimately…We save you money - by getting it right the first time

Experienced Architects in Bexley

As the fastest growing house designer in Bexley and its surrounding areas, we pride ourselves in customer satisfaction. Our free home design consultation will involve going through your ideas, providing you with options of how to achieve these, possible costs and how to choose the best building company. This is a no strings attached service with no obligation to continue.

To book your free consultation with Bluelime Home Design today, give us a call on 01322 521026, email fresh@bluelimeprojects.com, or fill out our contact form and we will get in touch with you.

We cannot wait to hear your ideas!



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