residential architecture trends 2019

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Residential architecture trends for 2019 From tiny homes to huge windows, eco-friendly energy to plants on your walls, here’s how architecture is looking in 2019. Minihomes Population growth and rising housing costs mean that, particularly in towns and cities, making the most of space has become more crucial than ever. Architects have had to challenge… Read more »

altering older houses

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Renovations on older homes If you’re privileged enough to live in an historic building, you’re incredibly lucky to have somewhere so special as your home. But every silver lining has a cloud – and in the case of historic buildings, it may rain a little on your home improvement parade. The planning laws are stricter… Read more »

permitted development

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Permitted development rights: What you need to know Great news – improving your home just got easier. Last month the government gave homeowners more freedom to improve their homes without the need for planning permission. This was done through something called permitted development rights – a list of things you can do without needing to… Read more »

house foundations

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Digging the foundations for your home – What you need to know As with everything else in life, building a home requires getting the foundations right – if you don’t, nothing else will work. Here are some of the things you need to know to avoid pitfalls. Even with the best preparations, however, foundations can… Read more »

home structural problems

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How structural movement can affect old homes If you’re buying an older house to renovate, subsidence can be an issue that puts you off the purchase completely. However, the good news is that subsidence and house foundation problems can be fixed. Why does subsidence happen? All buildings are moving all the time, but usually these… Read more »

self build advice

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Self build advice From bats to bricks, budgets to building regulations, make sure you’ve thought about the following before you start work on your new home. Follow orders When your district or borough council gives you planning permission, there are likely to be conditions attached. You absolutely need to read and comply with these. As… Read more »