updating your kitchen

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Planning your Kitchen Renovation Project Before you start drawing up plans for a kitchen renovation, it’s important to be clear on what you really want – and can realistically achieve. Here are so key questions you need to ask before embarking on the project. What do you really want? Maybe you want to create your… Read more »

sustainable homes

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Sustainable Eco Houses If you want to build a low-energy or zero-carbon home – and why wouldn’t you, it’ll save you heaps on your bills as well as helping the environment – you need to incorporate energy saving into your design from the start. Although good technology, like energy-efficient boilers or solar panels, is really… Read more »

extension foundations

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Foundations For Extensions When you’re adding an extension to a house, it’s essential to get the foundations right. You need to make sure you choose the right foundations for the soil type and get the measurements correct – or the whole project could come crashing down (literally). Here’s our guide to some of the different… Read more »

croydon architect

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Choosing a local Croydon architect for your home renovation   Making changes to your Croydon or South East London property can be daunting. But to ensure the whole process is hassle-free, it’s important to seek out experienced, highly-knowledgeable and reputable architects in South East London. Planners and designers will walk you through each stage of… Read more »

vaulted ceiling

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Vaulted Ceiling Designs for your Home Renovation Whether you’re exploring old cities or discovering ancient monuments, you’ll often find that the ceilings of prominent buildings have the most interesting design elements. Look up and you’ll be met with a host of intricate architecture you may never have seen before. Interestingly, vaulted ceiling ideas can also… Read more »

self-build project

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  Making your self-build a success If you’re looking to complete a self-build project, you may have a loads of ideas floating through your head. Taking the reins means that you can lead from the front and orchestrate a construction that satisfies your wildest dreams. But, of course, it’s not that easy – especially if… Read more »

architect jargon buster

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“What is my architect saying?” – Architect jargon busted Architects try to speak in plain English, but like all specialists, sometimes they get so used to using a technical term, they forget that people outside the architectural bubble have no idea what it means. With that in mind, we’ve created a jargon busterto help you… Read more »