Home extensions without planning permission

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Obtaining Planning Permission Planning permission can be a right pain when you’re trying to build. There are a whole lot of rules and regulations, plus you can waste valuable time waiting for confirmation to go ahead – it’s all a bit of a nuisance! This is why a lot of people become tempted to go… Read more »

house layout

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Reconfiguring your homes layout When moving’s a chore but your home isn’t what you need anymore, it can be hard to know what to do. You need more space or extra rooms, but you can’t just up-sticks and find somewhere else – it’s not always as easy as that! This is when you need to… Read more »

planning permission

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Home improvements that don’t need planning permission If you’re planning on a home renovation, you probably know that gaining planning permission is a pretty tedious and tiresome process. You just want to get on with your home renovation, not wait around for permission! Luckily, you don’t always have to. If you want to avoid needing… Read more »

Home extension by Bluelime

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New Home Renovation Project Completed by Bluelime Home Design At Bluelime Home Design, we’ve carried out a huge number of home extension projects throughout our years – too many to recall them all! It’s one of our most popular services and, with the advantages of gaining more space without moving, it’s not hard to see… Read more »

Home extensions

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Home Extensions If you’ve had your home extensions for some time now, chances are they’re a little outdated. No matter how modern they were at the time, things often age pretty quickly as styles moves on and trends change. Sometimes, they need to be updated to ensure your home doesn’t start to look more shabby… Read more »

Home renovation mistakes

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Home remodeling mistakes If there’s one thing you should be aware of when doing up your home, it’s home renovation mistakes. Why? Because if you know what they are, you know to avoid them, and that’ll make for a much smoother project. To help you out, our team of home renovation specialists in Dartford, Bexley… Read more »

Installing skylights

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Adding a Skylight in Your Home One of the many, many benefits of a home renovation is the chance to put in new features to enhance your living space. Whereas before you were (probably) stuck with the house you bought, now’s the chance to take control and create the home you really want! From knocking… Read more »

Home automation ideas

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Including smart technology in your home renovation In recent years, the inclusion of smart technology in people’s homes has become more and more common. We’re an age of digital lovers, so it’s far from surprising! Smart home technology can make your home living easier and optimise the function of your house and everything in it…. Read more »

Planning permission for extensions

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Understanding Planning Permission and Extensions When it comes to house extensions, a lot of people don’t think they’re going to need planning permission. It’s just building on your home so it’s okay, right? Well, usually this is the case, but there are still rules and regulations you need to know about. Find out if you… Read more »