Home Improvement Trends 2018

If your home has become a little dark and dingy over the years, it may be time for a renovation. But, where do you start? With so many things you could do, it’s hard to actually stick to ideas and start the process.

To help you get inspired, we’ve put together home building trends 2018 that we pinpointed specifically for brightening and renewing dull homes. Get stuck in and start designing!

More Windows

This year, it’s all about adding windows, and what better way to brighten a home? You could either increase the size of those you already have or add completely new ones in to spaces that could do with some more natural light.

We specifically love adding floor-to-ceiling windows for a contemporary look that really opens up a space. French doors are also a great option, and you can leave them open into your garden during the warmer weather to really let the outside in!

White Kitchens

Simple, white kitchens are in high-demand this year and they’re a great way to brighten a home. When planning your kitchen remodel, consider white, marble counter tops for a touch of luxury and an easy way to brighten a room. Add stainless steel appliances and finishes for a sophisticated look.

Create Open Spaces

Open-plan has never been more popular, and it’s not hard to see why. By opening up the floors of your home, you allow more natural light to reach all rooms and create bigger, brighter spaces. Knock through the walls in your kitchen to create a large, open living space where light can travel from your front door to your back garden.

A Lighter Stain

Wooden floors have been here for some time and show no sign of moving, but according to home improvement trends 2018, it’s all about a lighter stain now. A light, golden brown stain on your wood is great way to brighten a space, adding the illusion of more room and creating a summery feel in any home.

Tiled Walls

Whether it’s a kitchen or a bath remodel, it’s all about tiles this year. With a shiny finish, these are a great way to reflect and maximise the natural light in a room. They also lend a chic look to a space and are a great way to protect your walls from dirt and grime.

Clean Lines

Simplicity is key in home building trends 2018, which is great news for owners of smaller properties who want to brighten their house. Stick to the ‘less is more’ ideal, avoiding heavy patterns, bulky appliances and finishes with all the frills. By sticking to a contemporary, sleek and simple look, you’ll create the illusion of more space and allow more light to circulate your rooms.

If you’re planning a kitchen remodel in 2018 and need some help with project management and design, our Bluelime Home Design team of professionals are here to help. We can lend a hand in everything from kitchen extensions to bathroom renovations and remodels, so don’t hesitate to give us a shout if you need us!

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