Planning to redesign your Bromley home?

Thinking about extending or redesigning part of your home? Then look no further! Welcome to Bluelime Home Design. We are experienced local architects operating in the Bromley area, covering areas such as Hayes, Keston, Shortlands, Bickley and Bromley Common. We are a leading company in home improvements and offer expert home design advice for all your home design and architectural needs.

Our Architects and Home Design Service for Bromley Homeowners

Our experienced team architects and home designers have been leading the way for 10 years now and believe in helping you turn your house into your dream home. We believe in helping you unlock the potential in your home and to pass on our expert advice, risk free and with no obligations.

We specialise in EVERY aspect of home design, taking the stress away from you. This includes:

  • Advice regarding whatever your home improvement needs including extensions, conversions, developments...the list is endless.
  • Consultation - how to make the best of the space you have, amazing tips on how to develop your property, the costs involved, and most importantly, how to find a trustworthy and fantastic building firm.
  • Dealing with all the necessary planning permissions and approvals
  • Tendering the building work with experienced and trusted local companies. You will NEVER have to worry about cowboy builders.

What Makes Bluelime Home Design Unique?

  • Free, no strings attached architect design consultation to discuss all your home improvement needs
  • We give several design and layout options at no extra cost, giving you more choice to create your dream home. No other company will provide the unique level of detail when designing houses or extensions
  • With offices in Bromley, we have local knowledge of what planning officers want in Bromley and surrounding areas meaning we take the stress out of getting approval for the work you want
  • With years of experience, we have built up a great relationship with Bromley Council and other local authorities meaning we can get through the dreaded red tape of planning approvals
  • You decide how much you want us to be involved - we offer a range of packages from just the design and approval stage, to tendering the building work out for you to find the best value deal
  • Affordable prices - we make sure your budget is stuck to!

But most of all, it is our HASSLE-FREE approach that has kept our customers satisfied for over a decade. We will hold your hand throughout the process, giving you flexibility and control over all aspects of the project whilst having an expert at hand to support you whenever you need.

House prices in Bromley and Keston

In October 2018, the average price for property in Bromley was £499,431: £998,110 for a detached house; £548,659 for a semi-detached house; £403,855 for a terraced house and £331,064 for a flat. Prices fell by 1.36 per cent in the previous three months.

Average prices in the village of Keston were very similar: £930,914 for a detached house; £545,702 for a semi-detached house; £439,908 for a terraced house and £338,441 for a flat. Prices fell by 0.82 per cent in the previous three months.

Find more information on Bromley house prices got to Zoopla.co.uk

Find more information on Keston house prices got to Zoopla.co.uk

Planning applications in Bromley and Keston

If you want to build a new home, you will need planning permission from Bromley Council, which means you need to submit a planning application. You have to pay for this:

£206 for an extension

£462 for a new home, or a conversion of another type of building into a home (though nowadays some types of conversion don’t require planning permission).

The council can advise you beforehand to help you understand what is likely to be permitted. There is also a charge for this: £150 for advice on applications for an extension, and £310 for advice on plans for a new home or conversion.

Directions to us from our Nearest Office

Architects in Bromley

So whether you are looking to develop and redesign your existing home in the Bromley and Keston areas or want to speak to us about a brand new project, contact Bluelime Home Design today. Contact us on 01322 521026, email fresh@bluelimeprojects.com, or fill out our contact form and we will get in touch with you.

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