Choosing the right windows for your home

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window styles

Window styles: Making the right choice Windows aren’t just for looking out of – the style of window you choose has a huge impact on the appearance and feel of your home. And there are lots of things to think about: size, materials, colours, insulation, even how the window will open and close. Style Personal… Read more »

4 Ways to maximise your home’s potential

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home layouts

Maximising your homes potential Whether it’s a country cottage or a luxury penthouse, you probably know what your dream home looks like on the outside. But you might not have such a clear picture of the inside. When you sit down to design it, however, that’s where you’ll need to start. The space and house… Read more »

Altering an older house: What you need to know

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altering older houses

Renovations on older homes If you’re privileged enough to live in an historic building, you’re incredibly lucky to have somewhere so special as your home. But every silver lining has a cloud – and in the case of historic buildings, it may rain a little on your home improvement parade. The planning laws are stricter… Read more »

Subsidence – it needn’t be such a downer

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home structural problems

How structural movement can affect old homes If you’re buying an older house to renovate, subsidence can be an issue that puts you off the purchase completely. However, the good news is that subsidence and house foundation problems can be fixed. Why does subsidence happen? All buildings are moving all the time, but usually these… Read more »

Accessible Homes Design Guide

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accessible home guide

How to adapt your home A few small changes to the design and layout of a home can make life so much easier for people who are elderly or are having mobility problems. The goal, obviously, with home remodelling of this nature is to make sure that everyone can use everything inside the house and… Read more »

Vaulted Ceiling Design Ideas

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vaulted ceiling

Vaulted Ceiling Designs for your Home Renovation Whether you’re exploring old cities or discovering ancient monuments, you’ll often find that the ceilings of prominent buildings have the most interesting design elements. Look up and you’ll be met with a host of intricate architecture you may never have seen before. Interestingly, vaulted ceiling ideas can also… Read more »

Top 3 Design Ideas for Listed Buildings

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listed building renovations

Renovating a Listed Building For the majority of architects, the opportunity to undertake a listed building renovation is one to relish. The challenge of implementing the requisite modern upgrades and materials, while adhering to the building’s strict listed status guidelines, is difficult to pull off, but incredibly rewarding once complete. Below is a list of… Read more »

Top 10 Home Improvement Tips for the New Year

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home improvement resolutions

2019 Home Improvement Resolutions   With the New Year upon us, the inevitable resolutions and plans for a fresh start begin to percolate. Looking at life through the lens of “what needs to change” your gaze will inevitably land upon your immediate surroundings. That room you’ve been meaning to paint, the bathroom suite that is… Read more »