Thinking about an Extension?

If you love where you live but require more room to accommodate a growing family, you may decide to extend your home rather than relocate elsewhere – especially with the housing market being particularly sluggish at the moment. Similarly, if you want to move in the future, you may decide to make some renovations to give yourself the best chance of a high return on your investment.

Everything from loft extensions to conservatories are proving popular these days, but before you take any action, here are several things you need to consider:

Your Budget

Whether you’ve been browsing bathroom renovations and kitchen extensions on Pinterest for the past few months, or have been dreaming of transforming your home into a luxury mansion, you’ll knowhow easy it is to get carried away. To avoid spending a fortune, be sure to sit down and work out what you can realistically afford, being sure to factor in all the little extras such as architect’s fees and the cost of planning your application if necessary. Write down the cost of materials and try your best to stick to your original plan to avoid being tempted into unnecessary changes.

How Long it Will Take

When it comes to home improvements, you must consider how long everything will take. Getting planning permission and building regulations approved can be a tedious process – not to mention the actual renovation timescale, so make sure everyone’s on the same page to avoid frustrations.

If your living environment is going to resemble a construction site for a few months, for instance, it may well be better to move into temporary accommodation (if your budget allows) until your property is habitable again. What’s more, if your children have exams coming up at school – or you’ve a big project on at work, relocating or living in a mess might not be the best option, so it’s really important to plan your project around important dates.

Find Out if you Need Planning Permission

As already established, getting planning permission can take time and it’s not always guaranteed you’ll get the thumbs up. On the upside, loft conversions, single-story extensions and certain kinds of sun rooms don’t require any kind of permission so always do your homework as this will allow you to start work without delay. If it turns out you do need permission to extend, bear in mind that those living closest to you might be the first ones to object. This may surprise you, but if your build affects their right to light, they’re likely to voice their concerns, so be patient and try to sort something out. Usually this kind of ruling only applies to city buildings that are close together and are not relevant to those with plenty of surrounding space.

What you want to Achieve from the Renovation

It’s also a good idea to pinpoint why you are doing the extension and what you want to achieve from it. While building a new bedroom can add value to your property, attic extensions might provide a place for the children to do their homework in peace, or have sleepovers with their friends. Adding a new conservatory could also up the selling price of your home in the future or you may decide to increase the size of your kitchen just for practical reasons.

Looking for an Extension?

If you decide to go ahead with an extension, Kent architects Bluelime Home Design can assist you every step of the way and give your property the revamp it needs.


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