Kitchen Loft Conversion Designs

When designing loft conversions, every millimetre counts. Not only is floor space at a premium, but wall space too. In the case of a Mansard loft conversion you may be surrounded by sloping walls, but with some precision planning and intelligent design; you can create a vibrant, airy living space with plenty of storage. Of course, the room that will likely take the most planning to execute successfully, is the kitchen.

Cupboards and eaves

Most kitchen renovations involve lots of cupboard space, using both base and wall mounted units. In a Mansard loft not only can you not mount wall units on external walls, the base units will eat up valuable storage space in the eaves. You will also likely need to use what internal wall space you have to mount an extractor hood and boiler. So how can you maximise your base unit storage, while still being able to gain access to the eaves? As Property Renovator Jo Dyson discovered; the answer lay in a movable draw unit on wheels. When in place, the unit can be secured and functions exactly as you would expect, but when pulled out it offers clear access to the eave space behind it.

Don’t run before you can walk

Kitchens often require appliances to be placed with specific clearances or next to ventilation, so it is vital that you only plan your Mansard loft kitchen once you have access to it. It may be tempting to get a march on the design stage by simply using the floor plan, but invariably walls or floors will not be straight or level, and that precision design you made will no longer fit. Remember too that fresh water supplies and your soil stack will most likely need to be coordinated with your bathroom's placement and how it is arranged.

Think carefully also about which end of your Mansard loft conversion you want to place your kitchen. If, like Jo, you have a roof terrace at one end of your loft, you might want to keep that reserved for the lounge in order to let you open up the living space during warmer weather.

Slopes and light

One fantastic upside of sloping external walls is that you can install large roof lights that offer excellent ventilation and open the room up, allowing huge amounts of natural light in, while maintaining privacy. Mansard roofs also offer a more gentle slope, affording you better access to counter tops without the risk of banging your head.

Architects in Kent

If you are planning a loft conversion or kitchen renovation in BexleyBromleyErithDartford and Croydon, we can help. At Bluelime Home Design we have a full team of architects and planners who will be happy to consult with you and help you plan, design and deliver your dream kitchen. Please contact us today to find out more and book your free consultation.

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