Bluelime Home Design have just completed their first floating corner extension in Wilmington.


Looks are deceiving. With clean, simple, straight lines creating a floating roof with no supporting post looks straightforward but in reality was a challenge for our structural engineer. Supporting beams need beefed up with diagonal bracing at one end to provide a cantilever effect eliminating the need for a supporting post on the corner.


This unique project involved the design of a single storey extension creating an amazing open plan Kitchen/Diner with floating corner. Also extension of the existing detached double garage joining it onto the house and creating a Utility Room, Boot Room, Music Studio and additional Storage Room. Forming a new doorway from the new open plan Kitchen/Diner into the Boot Room and a new entrance door from the driveway improved accessibility massively and means Geoff, Deborah and their kids can come into their new home, kick off the muddy boots, hang up the wet jackets without coming right into the neat and tidy part of their home. What was unique on this project was the floating corner with secret sliding doors that neatly slide away behind walls completely out of sight. When the large format glass sliding doors are opened up in the summer you have complete uninterrupted views of the garden and patio area which just looks fantastic. For the music studio we designed some additional sound insulation material with sound absorbing surfaces to prevent reverberation.

  • Measured CAD survey
  • Concept designs in AutoCAD
  • Planning permission application
  • Structural Detailing
  • Construction drawings including Drainage, Mechanical and Electrical Drawings
  • Building Control Application
  • Specification
  • Budget Costing
  • Contractor appointment


Closest Bluelime Office; Bexley

Year: 2017

Cost: £140000


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