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Need Design Ideas? Or want to know how much your extension will likely cost?

Don't worry, we get asked this all the time and our expert team is here to help you. For a limited time only we are offering a free design consultation at your property with one of our design experts. At your free design consultation we will meet you at your property at a date and time convenient for you, show you how to achieve the extra space you need and how much it will all cost. You will even receive a 16-page design report telling you everything you need to know within 72 hours. Even better, it's all free and there is no obligation to use us for anything further if you don't want to.

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What Our Clients Say

Bluelime have been great in preparing the designs for our home redevelopment and submitting our planning application. Our architect had some great ideas and really listened to what we wanted from the project. The communication has been clear and the whole team have been really helpful every step of the way.

Amazing!!! We were introduced to Bluelime Home Design by a friend. At that point we were convinced that our propery didn't have much potential and we were seriously considering moving, although we quite like the area we live in. We have had a brilliant, stress and hassle free experience with Bluelime and we can't thank the team enough! It has been an absolute pleasure going through the process and we have been informed of everything we need to consider every step along the way. Matt, our architect has created an absolutely stunning design and we are now incredibly excited about bringing it to live. The Virtual Reality experience we had in the office this week has been just mind blowing. We got to walk into our new home before it has even been built! This has given us a real feel for what our extended propery is going to look like - inside and out.

So far our engagement has been positive. They listen to us and provide advice if they belive it achieves overall objectives.

Bluelime have been professional and efficient. So far they have delivered an excellent service. The architect, Matt Gaster, really listened to me and produced designs which met my needs, while considerate of my budget. He has been very helpful in revisions. I had the opportunity to view my plans in the virtual setting, which was amazing. The company has kept within the timeframe they suggested and kept me informed at all stages. The information and support has been much appreciated. The only critique I have is that there is no direct phone access with the architect. Although he promptly responded to my emails, it would have been good to have the option. I appreciate this may have been a necessary adaptation for the changed working practices in the pandemic, and it has not impacted the working relationship. My plans are awaiting approval and I have every confidence that Matt and the team will support me to the best outcome.

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