Whole Home Remodelling

Planning a whole house renovation can be a pretty daunting task, especially for anyone who’s never done it before! Luckily for you, here at Bluelime Home Design we understand the elements at hand when renovating and spend each and every day helping others to get their dream home. To make sure our help is as widespread as possible, we’ve put together a collection of handy home renovation tips so you can plan yours perfectly.

Know What You Have and What You Want

The first thing people tend to struggle with in a whole home remodel is where to start. We recommend simply sitting down and writing out what you have now and what you want in your renovation. Don’t get bogged down in practical considerations yet, just get your ideas down on paper. Once you have them there you can begin looking at what you can realistically manage and separate your ‘wants’ into categories according to priority.

Chat to Experts

It’s always a good idea to talk to people with whole house renovation experience! Whether that be our team at Bluelime Home Design or friends and family you know who have taken on similar projects, get opinions from others. Even hearing their disaster stories, what they would’ve done differently or what they love about their own extensions can help you get ideas on how to plan your own.

Future Planning

Right at the beginning of your project, you should use the experiences of other people, your common sense and your team of experts to look ahead and spot all the potential problems with your plans. From being denied planning permission to materials not arriving in time, document each thing that could go wrong and try to create a back-up plan. Even if there isn’t anything you’d be able to do, just being prepared for all these little things can help reduce stress levels if they actually happen. Preparation is key!

Get a Great Team

Renovating a home and don’t know where to start? Get yourself a good team behind you and the ball will soon start rolling. First, get in touch with us at Bluelime Home Design and find yourself a project manager that’s perfect for your build, then we’ll slowly begin to build up a team of designers, builders, decorators and all that jazz. Your whole house renovation will go a lot smoother with a great team to help!

Never Stop Analysing

From the minute that you write down those dream ideas, you should never stop analyzing your project. Even once you have a plan in place, constantly be re-checking it as your project moves along to make sure it’ll still work. Don’t expect everything to be stuck in stone as soon as you write it down and always be prepared to alter ideas you had that you realise just aren’t going to work.

We personally think that the key to a great whole home renovation plan is having a team of expert planners on your side – which is where we come in! Our team at Bluelime Home Design are trained to help you manage and build your dream house. From kitchen designs and extensions to loft conversions, we’ll be on hand for everything you need! Take a peep at our past projects for more about what we do.

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