Looking to redesign your Dulwich home?

Whether you’re new to the Dulwich area or have been living in your home for many years, you may well be finding yourself in a position to remodel, redevelop, or redesign your home. From adding an extension, a loft conversion, or new kitchen and bathrooms, making changes to your home will help increase your enjoyment and add thousands to the resale value.

With Bluelime Home Design covering Dulwich, you can work alongside experienced home designers and architects in drawing up plans for improving your property. We’ll provide you will a free consultation, an accurate assessment of costs, and even help project manage the whole process from beginning to end.

It’s our aim to ensure that homeowners in Dulwich have the opportunity to receive the best care and attention when it comes to remodelling their home. We regularly work with homeowners in the region and provide the necessary advice and reassurance that can make the difference between a successful project and one beset by problems.

How Bluelime Home Design supports you

  • Stick to your budget: It’s always important for homeowners to be aware just how much any building work will cost. That’s why we try to provide a full assessment of projected costs at the outset of any project, thereby enabling you to continue without fear of incurring any surprise charges.
  • Find the best design: We’re confident that our home designers possess the expertise needed to draw up plans that will meet your needs. However, they’ll work alongside you in making any changes and refinements, as well as advise on practicalities and what is - and isn’t - feasible.
  • Planning approval: We at Bluelime Home Design stay fully up-to-date on all the latest building regulations. This, combined with our close relationships with local authorities, means we’re confident of securing essential planning permission as and when required, free from the stresses of negotiating and going back and forth.
  • Reliable builders: We’ve all heard of nightmare experiences with builders, so why not let a team you can trust find you the perfect solution? Take advantage of our relationships and recommendations and you will benefit from the best-quality service from local tradesmen.
  • Initial consultation: The start of any project begins with a free, no-obligation home design consultation with Bluelime Home Design. During this session, we will discuss any requirements you have as well as detail the feasibility and likely costs of any work.

House prices in Dulwich

In October 2018 the average house price in Dulwich Village was £1,686,945. Prices fell 1.13 per cent in the previous three months.

Find more information on Dulwich house prices got to Zoopla.co.uk

Planning applications in Dulwich

The planning authority for Dulwich is Southwark Council. The fees for making a planning application to the council are:

£206 for an extension

£462 for a new home, or a conversion of another type of building into a home (though nowadays some types of conversion don’t require planning permission).

The council can advise you on your application before you submit it to help you understand what is likely to be acceptable. The fees for this are as follows:

Extensions of less than 100 square metres: £150

Listed building repairs: Telephone advice is free, £150 for written advice

Listed building alterations or development: £150 for a meeting with a planning officer, a visit to the property and a follow-up letter

New homes and extensions of more than 100 square metres, and more major listed building developments affecting the building’s setting: £300

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Dulwich homeowners - get in touch

Fancy making a start on your building project? The team at Bluelime Home Design will be happy to visit your Dulwich home to discuss your needs, with offices Dartford, Erith, Bromley, Bexley. Simply give us a call on 01322 521026, email fresh@bluelimeprojects.com, or fill out our contact form today and we’ll be in touch.


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