Cost and Time Effective Way to Carry Out your Project

When we plan home improvements, whether it’s a freshen up or a full scale remodel, we tend to think in terms of our own agenda. We plan around our finances and our available time, without perhaps considering wider factors – such as, is there an optimal time of year for a project? Or, how do supply and demand trends impact potential costs?

It turns out there are times of the year when it’s likely to be both more cost effective and time effective to carry out your project. Here’s some advice on what to bear in mind when it comes to home remodelling.

Supply and demand

It probably won’t come as a surprise to learn that spring and summer are the most popular times to remodel. Fine or warm weather is, if not guaranteed, more probable, the days longer and our motivation a bit higher. This means, however, that costs are higher too. The demand for contractors and materials pushes prices up in the same way that chocolate eggs are more expensive before Easter Sunday than the day after. So plan to get your materials when there’s less demand, even if you opt for hiring a contractor during a busier season.

Demand also means that contractors have more going on. This could cause delays if another of their jobs overruns, for example, or they are under pressure and get an order mixed up. It could even mean you don’t get to use the contractor you want – when their schedule is full, they will turn work down.

Take seasonality into account

The seasons are also worth thinking about when you are planning. It may seem like common sense to get an extension done in the summer when it’s dry, but sometimes questioning what seems obvious or doing a little research will throw up some interesting points. For example, the hard ground and dry air that we see in winter is actually better for digging foundations than battling with muddy ground and humidity. So although you may be worried about post-Christmas finances being low, planning in advance will ensure you can work with the seasons instead of against them, and get your contractor in at the best time of year.

Similarly, roofing and indoor projects may be best saved for the height of summer (because, after all, who wants to be inside when it’s hot?), or for December time. The pain of having contractors in and out of your house over Christmas may be outweighed by the benefits of them having fewer projects on the go and access to cheaper materials.

Allow some flexibility

When you’re planning a home remodelling, it’s wise to have a flexible time frame and an accommodating attitude. We all want work to be finished as soon as possible, but building in an extra couple of weeks to your planned schedule could reduce the stress during the project if things don’t go entirely to plan. And if your heart is set on a particular supplier or contractor, you may need to wait for them to finish another job before they take yours on. They key here is communication, both before and during the remodel.

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