Building your Home On a Budget

When it comes to building a home for £150k or less with all the design elements you’ve dreamed about, it’s important to stick to your budget. The smallest overspend could make your project unaffordable, so here are some useful things to consider and tips to stay on track.

  • Build a small house

It might sound obvious but building a 7-bedroom mansion for £150,000 is unrealistic. As well as bricks, wall tiles, flooring and all the fittings and fixtures, you’ll also have to think about the decoration. Paint doesn’t come cheap and a larger surface area will be more expensive to cover. So, with this in mind, custom builds should be small – around the 150m² mark.

  • Build a house rather than a bungalow

Regarding new builds, bungalows tend not to be cheaper. They accrue the same roof and foundation costs as two-storey houses. The only extra you’ll have to shell out for with a house is the walls on the second floor, so it makes sense to build a property that’s twice as spacious and absorb the costs by making cutbacks elsewhere. By keeping the design of your property simple and elegant, you’ll also reduce labour time and material costs helping you to stay within your £150,000 budget.

  • Prioritise your wants and needs

Building your own house can be extremely exciting, particularly if you’ve already lined up reputable architectural services to get you started. But before you jump in the deep end, make sure you prioritise the things you ‘want’ from the things you ‘need’. If you’ve children, for instance, they’ll each need a bedroom, so an elaborate office space might have to take a back seat. Also, when it comes to the interior design of your property, compare and contrast materials to get the best finish for the best price.

  • Minimise groundworks

Building a house on a tight budget requires a lot of thought. Thankfully, there are ways to reduce your outgoings such as finding a flat or serviced plot as this will help reduce the amount of groundwork that needs doing – thereby saving you money. There are many plots available at different stages of servicing and planning, so it’s definitely worth looking around for something that’s practical and convenient.

  • Try your hand at DIY

Hiring professional architects is absolutely the right way to go if you’re not a builder or a designer. It’s also the right thing to do should you need modern kitchen designs or property extensions down the line. That said; a hands-on approach can save you money. Things you can do yourself might include project management or buying the relevant materials rather than paying someone to do these tasks for you.

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