Choosing a Local Greenwich Architect

The role of an architect or architectural designer is to make your dreams a reality – yes, it's a very important job! So it's crucial to choose the right person to take on this huge responsibility. But, short of giving all the candidates a pencil and seeing who can draw the best house, how do you choose?

Start your search

Ask for recommendations. From friends, colleagues, neighbours, from builders or construction companies – they should have a good idea of who the best local architects are. Your district or borough council's planning office is also a good place to call – they deal day in, day out with architects and are completely independent. You can also find architects through RIBA, the Royal Institute of British Architects. And if there are homes in the area that you like the look of, why not knock on the door and ask the owner who the architects were?

Make sure you choose a local architect – they'll be familiar with the area and its architecture, they should have a relationship with the planning authority and be familiar with their requirements, plus they might also be able to recommend builders and other tradesmen.

Check them out

Have a good look at an architect's website to see the quality and type of work they've done, and whether they specialise in any particular architectural styles, materials or construction methods. Ask to see some projects they have worked on so you can evaluate their work – speak to the owners too.

Your architects must be members of the Architects Registration Board, the UK's regulator of architects. If someone is not a member of the ARB they are not an architect. Bluelime Home Design is a member of the ARB and RIBA.

Comfort zone

It's really important to choose an architect who you feel comfortable working with and can instinctively relate to, communicate with and trust. These people are going to be creating your home. Avoid someone who tries to push you over your budget, attempts to impose their ideas on you, doesn't listen or is negative about your suggestions (assuming they're reasonable!) – this person is not going to deliver what you want.

Ideally you should speak to at least four architects to see what designs and proposals they can come up with. It's worth spending time on this process and getting things right from the beginning. Always meet a prospective architect in person, ideally at the site, before you agree to work with them.


If you're doing a self-build, you need an architect who has worked on self-builds before. Unless you've done it before – in fact, even if you have done it before – it will be a steep learning curve, and you want your architect to know the things you don't and anticipate the issues you can't.

Architects near Greenwich

If you're looking for architects in south east London, it's hard to find a more local firm than Bluelime Home Design – we have offices in Dartford, Erith, Bexley, Bromley and Croydon and are also well established in Blackheath, Greenwich, Lewisham and Dulwich. Our reputation for delivering exceptional advice and service means we are growing and expanding all the time, too. We also offer a FREE home design consultation, so if you’d like to have a chat about how we can help create your dream home, call us on 01322 521026.

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