Kitchen Extensions

Building a new kitchen extension

As one of the best ways to enhance your standard of living and to add value to your home, a kitchen extension from Bluelime Home Design in Dartford, Bromley, Erith, Croydon, Blackheath, Greenwich, Lewisham, Dulwich and Bexley may well prove to be one of the best investments you will ever make for your home.

We’ve worked with customers across the South East in transforming their homes – and their kitchens – into some of the most desirable properties in the Kent region. Thanks to the experience and expertise of our team of architects, you’re able to find a many completed house extensions across Dartford, Bexley, Erith, Blackheath, Greenwich, Lewisham, Dulwich and Bromley areas and beyond featuring the signature style and quality of a Bluelime house extension design. You are welcome to speak with any of our clients at any time. Just let us know what ones and we will put you in touch.

The kitchen your home deserves

The kitchen is arguably the most important room in any home; no longer is it simply where meals are prepared – modern use includes entertaining friends, dining, relaxing after a hard day’s work, or simply sitting down with a newspaper while watching the sport on telly in the back ground. Ensuring your kitchen is designed right to meet your expectations and fulfil your requirements is essential.

Investing in a kitchen extension from Bluelime Home Design means investing in architectural work that is among the finest in the region. Our architects are accustomed to maximising the use of light and space to draw up plans for a kitchen extension that blends seamlessly into your existing property and surroundings, all the while adding the spacious, practical area your home deserves.

Our kitchen extensions

From opening your kitchen up to the outside world with bi-folding doors and linking structures, to the installation of high-quality lighting and the finest kitchen materials and units available, Bluelime home Design has the expertise to make your kitchen the best it can be.

Past kitchen extensions have included the construction of decked areas or raised stone patios within your garden which link perfectly to your kitchen, creating a magnificent living space that will be the envy of all your visitors. We have also undertaken a number of open plan living kitchens, extending the floor space and completely renovating the kitchen for a more modern feel.

Such is our skill in producing leading edge Kitchen extension designs, we can take inspiration from your ideas and develop plans that include an even greater array of leading architectural works. Glass ceilings and outside dining spaces, rustic finishes and modern workspaces are all possible, and we’ll deliver the kitchen extension you desire and the kitchen extension you deserve.

Contact Bluelime today

To ensure we’re able to develop the plans and designs that are individual and specific to you we involve you every step of the way throughout the design process. Your involvement can be as much or as little as you want, the key thing is that we work together to give you a new kitchen extension exactly how you want it. By contacting Bluelime Home Design covering the Dartford, Bromley, Erith, Croydon, Blackheath, Greenwich, Lewisham, Dulwich and Bexley areas in Kent today, you can start working on the development of a kitchen extension that meets your wants and needs. Simply call us today on 01322 521026 or submit an online enquiry form, and we’ll be happy to discuss the options and processes involved in adding a kitchen extension to your home.

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