Kitchen Diner

The kitchen diner experience

The modern kitchen is as much about socialising as it is about cooking. Here, families can gather for daily meals, and guests can be entertained in an environment that exudes comfort and relaxation. Here at Bluelime Home Design we can help bring that dream into reality. As home extension architects, we will work with you to design your new kitchen extension, so you too have the opportunity to enjoy open-plan living and make the kitchen the heart of your home.

If you’re looking to increase the social element of your kitchen, or simply wish to open up more space and create a light and roomy area in which you can enjoy hosting evenings with friends and family, our design practice for your new kitchen diner extension is the perfect choice.

The perfect kitchen diner space

Planning your new kitchen diner is all about ensuring there are clear boundaries between the necessary areas. Working alongside our kitchen diner experts will enable you to develop a floorplan that best utilises the space you have, and introduces clear lines of distinction between working areas and those in which to relax.

For example, when developing your new extension, it’s important that your kitchen diner has a space in which to prepare food away from the dining area. This is often achieved through the introduction of a kitchen island – or breakfast bar – as a clear separation between the two. Equally as important to your kitchen diner is optimising the amount of natural light that floods the room, and space for foot flow throughout the room.

With Bluelime Home Design, you can rest assured that we will make the most of your available space and seamlessly link this in with the Kitchen Diner extension we create for you. With Bluelime Home Design you will get an amazing Kitchen Dining space that maximises natural light with a contemporary modern Kitchen . Alternatively if a traditional look is more your thing we can do that too whilst providing all the latest technology available today.

Kitchen diner extensions and planning permission

When extending your home to develop a larger kitchen diner, your construction plans are of paramount importance. With some clever designing by us, your kitchen diner can incorporate a newly formed outside living space, making the whole area feel even larger. This works great in summer when incorporating bi-fold doors with a level surface inside and out and makes the outside just feel part of a much larger Kitchen Diner.

At Bluelime, we will ensure that any planning permission is fully approved with the minimum of fuss. We’ve established excellent relationships with the planning departments in Dartford, Bexley, Erith, Croydon, Blackheath, Greenwich, Lewisham, Dulwich and Bromley, and will develop plans and designs that adhere to current building regulations.

To find out more about the extending your kitchen diner contact your local architects today on 01322 521026. Alternatively, you can submit an online enquiry form and we’ll be in touch to answer any questions.

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