Garden Inspiration

Having a small garden doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hire a landscape architect to make it look good. Plenty of properties, especially in cities, have limited outdoor space, and if you live in one of them, there are wonderful and creative things you can do to get your garden ready for spring. Whether you have a little terrace or a modest suburban garden, you’ll find some inspiration here.

Terraces and balconies

If you need to keep things simple, potted plants are an easy solution. You can brighten up the back door with hanging baskets and add splashes of colour to a balcony with seasonal flowers such as daffodils, geraniums or bluebells. If you want something super low maintenance that will last throughout the seasons, plants like green mountain boxwood or yucca will lend year-round green to your small space. The key is to go for a minimalist approach – it can be easy to get carried away with beautiful flowers, but start with one or two pots and add extras if necessary. Don’t forget you can put several different plants into one pot to obtain colour for several months at a time.

Small scale socialising

If your primary aim for the garden is socialising, then your design should centre around a main feature – be that an outdoor dining set, a chiminea or a pergola. Keep plants neat to ensure your guests don’t have to wade through greenery every time they get up, and use a limited colour scheme for a simple yet pretty feel. If the centrepiece is a pergola, try growing climbers such as honeysuckle or clematis over the frame – not only will they add colour, the smell during summer is delightful.


Sometimes a home garden is the only place you can escape for a few minutes to get some peace and quiet. If that’s the main purpose of your space, look for features and flowers that are conducive to calm. Water features are often a great focal point in this case, as the gentle sound of trickling water can be very relaxing. Go for a Japanese theme, using pebbles and paving with understated greenery such as bamboo and ferns, and Japanese Azaleas for a dash of colour. Pop a bench or outdoor seat in a quiet corner and when life gets hectic, you can whisk yourself away for a few minutes simply by stepping outside.


Gardens are not only great for sitting in, they can also be an extension of your larder. Herbs, for example, are great for growing in small gardens, as they don’t need too much space and can thrive happily in pots. Basil, thyme, mint and chives are all simple to cultivate and add lots of flavour to your home cooking. Cherry tomatoes are easy to grow in sunny gardens and can be started off indoors before being transferred outside. Lettuce and kale don’t need much space either and can supply you with leafy greens over the summer.

Bring the outside in

If you want your garden to feel like an extension of your main living space, French or bifold doors are an excellent way to bring the outside into your home and make that small garden space feel bigger. Install some outdoor lanterns, and you can enjoy your garden all year round and whatever the time of day. For social occasions or on balmy summer days, you can simply open up the doors to create a single, airy, beautiful space that transitions neatly from inside to outside.

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