New Home Renovation Project Completed by Bluelime Home Design

At Bluelime Home Design, we’ve carried out a huge number of home extension projects throughout our years – too many to recall them all! It’s one of our most popular services and, with the advantages of gaining more space without moving, it’s not hard to see why.

To help you get an idea of what our team will be able to help you achieve, we wanted to give you an example of a recent project we took on. This particular home renovation took place in 2017, around the Dartford area, and had a budget of £90,000.

What the Client Wanted

When we first started to scope out what our client wanted, we realised that we could do far more than they were expecting with the budget they had. Originally, they simply wanted to remodel the conservatory into a bedroom with an en-suite alongside crafting a new interior porch.

Our Suggestion for a Home Extension

When our Bluelime Home Design team arrived at the house, we knew instantly that we could help our clients out more than they expected. After a walk-through of the home and discussion with its inhabitants, we presented our ideas and had a lengthy chat about the ways in which their home could be improved to suite their personal needs and lifestyle.

We proposed a number of ideas, including a house renovation which would turn their kitchen and dining room into a large, open-plan space with bi-fold doors to allow light into what was once a dim, dark area of their home. We also installed roof lights into the space, again allowing in more light and creating a brighter area.

With the new porch, we designed carefully so that light from the front would be better able to fall through the rest of the home. A clear view would run from the front of the house, through the open plan kitchen space and into the back garden. This did wonders in creating the illusion of a bigger home and really helped open up the place – it’s the little things that make the biggest difference!

Our next proposal was for the garage renovation, in which we found we could build a single storey extension to create a utility room at the back, providing an excellent storage space. The rest of the home became less cluttered and our clients were more able to relax and enjoy their living space without mess.

The new front porch was a wonderful addition, providing a transition between the outside world and their cosy home, allowing them a space to keep their shoes and coats.

Our final design idea was for their ground floor bedroom and adjoining en-suite, which we created alongside our clients, designing it together so that it was exactly what they wanted and needed.

In terms of services, we also carried out a measured CAD survey and created designs using AutoCAD. We helped them to get planning permission and structural details of their home, as well as producing in-depth construction drawings. We aided our clients in submitting a building control application, budgeting, and gaining contractor appointments.

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How Bluelime Home Design can help you

At Bluelime Home Design, we’re experts of home extension projects and renovations, helping people fall in love with their homes all over again. We can help you with loft conversions, kitchen designs, bathroom designs and bedroom designs. We also have plenty of planning permission experience and can arrange home designer consultations, helping you at every step of your build.


For more, take a look at our past projects to see more of what we can do for you.

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