Planning Tips for Your New Year’s Home Renovation

Home improvement resolutions are a great goal for the New Year. With 2018 quickly approaching (where has 2017 gone!?), we bet a lot of you are thinking about all the ways you want to improve your house in the next year. So, to get the ball rolling, we’ve created a list of tips that you can use to start planning your renovations now!

Create a Budget

When considering a home renovation, the first thing you need to do is to consider your budget. Sit down and realistically think about how much you can spend, or, if you’re just starting to save for your home improvement resolutions, how much you can be putting aside each month. At Bluelime Home Design, we would advise having a bigger budget in mind just in case there are any extra expenses you haven’t considered.

Consider Loans and Remortgages

If you’re desperate to get your home renovation underway and really think it’s a sensible idea, start to look into loans and remortgages – but, only if you know that you’re in a position to do this! If it’s going to put you under too much strain then it’s always better to just wait a little longer or change your plans.

Professional Design Home Improvement Resolutions

Always get your designs drawn up professionally by home designers and architects. This way, you know that the plan you’ve got is going to work because people like us at Bluelime Home Design know what we’re doing! We can factor in what you want, the space you have and all those not-so-fun things such as electrics and water pipes. It will guarantee a much smoother home renovation.

Find Temporary Accommodation

If your home improvement resolutions are on the larger scale you might want to consider temporary accommodation. Not only does this make your life easier – you don’t want to be living on a building site – but it also makes the job for us a whole lot simpler. It’s easier to manage and get a project completed without a family living on-site!

Take it Room by Room

You don’t have to complete your home improvement resolutions all in one go, if you haven’t got enough money or time’s a bit short for planning, just take your home renovation room by room. By doing this, you’re not committing to a massive project and you can be kinder to yourself in terms of stress and pressure.

If  you are thinking of starting your home renovation speak to our professional team of home designers and project managers, we can help you achieve all your home improvement resolutions, from designing a new bedroom, making the most of a small kitchen, creating a kitchen extension, a loft conversion and a whole lot more! We’re the experience you need to get the home renovation you dream of.

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