Old Home Renovations

There’s no doubt that older buildings make for charming homes. From the often more thoughtful craftsmanship to the fine details that you just can’t get anymore, they really are a joy for lovers of architecture. However, they do hold a number of renovation problems if the times come for some remodelling. Here are a few of the things you might encounter – it pays to be prepared so be sure to note these down!

Plumbing Renovation Problems

When it comes to buildings that were put up before the 60’s, you’re likely to encounter galvanised pipes when you check out the plumbing. It’s a good idea to switch these for the modern copper or PVC options. This is because galvanised tend to corrode and clog up over time – something you probably want to avoid.

Dodgy Electrical Wiring

The electrical wiring in old homes can often be dangerous and might not pass the current regulations. They can also be a pain when they can’t handle modern appliances – for example if they often cut out if you have too many items running at the same time. When remodelling old homes, it can be a good idea to get in an electrician to take a look at your electrics and do any necessary work.

Hazardous Materials

Often in old home renovation projects, you come across materials that we know now to be pretty dangerous, but they had no clue at the time! Things like lead paint and asbestos were used frequently in old homes and could cause renovation problems. Make sure that, if you have any suspicions, you call in professionals to survey your home. They can help you to detect and remove dangerous materials.

Keeping with the Style

Particularly if you’re remodelling an old house on a budget, it can be difficult to stick with the style. Period features and old materials might not be available anymore, making it hard to keep a flow of design styles throughout your old home. Ways around this include riffling through architectural salvage shops and heading to auctions with period property features up for grabs, as well as hiring the help of old home renovation specialists.

Botched Jobs

It’s pretty likely that, over the years, other owners of your home have done their own remodelling works, but these aren’t always finished to a great standard. You might get some botched jobs here and there that you uncover whilst remodelling old homes that you’ll have to get sorted. The only solution to this is to set aside extra funds just in case you encounter any unwanted surprised – better safe than sorry!

Architectural Services in the South East

If you’re thinking of remodelling your old home, our team at Bluelime Home Design are here to help. We’re experts at designing and managing home renovations, so you can trust us to deal with all the problems listed above and any more you may come across. We’re here to help you get the home of your dreams, no matter the limitations.

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