Remodelling your bathroom

Bathrooms are fast becoming much more than simply a functional space. In today’s always-on society, we’re looking beyond the practical uses of this room and turning them into places of peace and relaxation, where we can shut the door on the world for a while and lose ourselves in tranquillity. But how do you remodel a smaller space so it can serve that need? Here are a few of our favourite ideas for small bathrooms.

Use space wisely

There’s nothing groundbreaking about this statement – if you have a small bathroom, you have no choice but to look for clever ways to use the space. Think about choosing slim sinks and wall-hung toilets to save a few inches here and there, and keep an open mind when it comes to storage. Using shelves, for example, can give you somewhere to put your products without taking up floor space with a bulkier cabinet, and a heated towel rail is a good alternative to separate towel storage and a radiator.

Lots of light

Small bathrooms can sometimes feel a little dark, and that’s not always conducive to a haven of peace. Make the most of light by avoiding dark colours on the walls, using simple tiling and mirrored surfaces. Large mirrors on the walls or mirrored cabinets help to bounce light around the room and lend some visual space to the bathroom. Don’t assume you have to go for colder colours such as whites and pale blues either – copper tones give warmth to a smaller space without making it look claustrophobic.

Do away with the traditional

Update your bathroom by doing away with the standard curb and shower door and using a frameless glass door and curbless shower. Not only are these great for those with limited mobility, they’re easy to clean and maximise the feeling of space in a small bathroom. The key with a curbless shower is to ensure that the water stays contained, and an experienced bathroom fitter will be able to implement strategies such as a sloped floor to keep water from seeping out into the rest of the bathroom.

Keep the bathtub

If, during your bathroom remodelling, you decide that you simply can’t be without the bathtub, don’t despair. Lots of manufacturers are able to cater for smaller sizes, and tubs of 60 inches or smaller are available. Typically smaller baths are deeper, allowing you to still indulge in a luxurious bathing experience, and corner baths are an option if you’re pushed for space and wrestling with an awkwardly shaped room.

A little luxury

That covers the practicalities, but what about this luxury we spoke of? How do you inject that into a small bathroom? There are numerous options, from hydro-massage showers and under floor heating to more wallet-friendly solutions such as little nooks or shelves for candles or some plants. Or simply splash out on great quality towels and luxurious bath products for a more decadent bath time experience.

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