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If you’re looking to extend, upgrade or convert your existing space and are searching for reputable architectural services nearby, Bluelime Home Design has the skills and expertise needed to develop your dream property. We’ve the know-how to get you all the necessary planning permission and approvals required quickly, and use a team of skilled professionals –including local designers and builders – to make your renovation dreams come true.

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Bluelime Home Design provides reliable, imaginative and reputable architectural services to homes in theDartford, Bromley, Bexley and Blackheath areas. So, if you need a local planning permission, minimising the stress that often comes with handling such necessities alone

  • We take into account your budget, being sure to stick within specific guidelines
  • We involve you every step of the way in order to completely put your mind at ease
  • We’ll present you with as many designs as it takes to ensure you are happy with both the plans and the end results
  • We are extremely transparent with our costs, accounting for every little detail upfront
  • We guarantee our full commitment and attention, ensuring value for money
  • Past projects from Bluelime Home Design

    Here at Bluelime Home Design, we’ve taken on and successfully completed numerous challenging and rewarding architectural projects – some of which are likely to be in your local area. From adding different perspectives to classic Victorian properties, to designing completely new dwellings, we’ve the skills, drive and determination to draw up suitable plans and watch them come to life.

    Whether it’s adding a double storey side extension to a building of architectural significance, or creating a luxurious open-plan living room/kitchen, we’ll find a way to do it and create something magical. It’s not about reinventing the wheel, but about developing architectural plans that Bluelime believe in and which are sure to bring a smile to your face.

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    If you’re interested in what we do and would like a no obligation quote from a local architectural designer, please do get in touch with Bluelime Home Design today and see how we can help.


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