Self-build or renovation

Getting the perfect home is a dream for most people. We may love our dwellings but the majority of home-owners have compromised on one thing or another. The only way to truly get all your boxes ticked is to completely renovate an existing property or start again with a self-build home. This choice between self-build and renovation can be difficult. While it might seem simpler to adapt an existing property, it is not always the answer. There are many things to consider when making this decision.

Finding a plot or a wreck to renovate

Finding the right plot of land for self-build homes has been cited as the most troublesome part of a project. It can take over a year to find one that has everything you need. There are online resources available, plus estate agents and local architects can help. Try and avoid a plot without any planning permission in place - most viable options will have permission already. There could be a reason if it doesn’t, and steering clear at this stage could save you time and money in the future.

Home remodelling will give you more choice as the UK is filled with properties in need of renovating.  Again there are lots of online resources to help find the right one and estate agents local to the area will know what’s available. If a property is sold by auction it is imperative you get a survey done before you bid and commit – you don’t want to be stuck with a wreck you can’t sell.

How flexible are your needs?

Of course, building a home from the ground up gives you the freedom to create the perfect space for you, your family and your needs. You may need a house that is fully accessible, or an unusual internal layout may suit you better. Going down the home construction route is going to give you total flexibility to create a fully bespoke home.

The difference with a renovation project is that you are working within an already existing framework. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t still be clever and innovative with the internal layout. You can also extend (if planning permission allows), giving you even more freedom to create the perfect space.

House remodelling can be less expensive than self-build homes purely because you are removing the need for new footings and external walls. Plus you may love the look of old period properties and that can never be truly reproduced with authenticity. But beware the constraints of a listed property or one that is in a conservation area. Do your homework to find out if your renovating plans will be allowed.

At Bluelime Home Design we have the know-how to secure any planning permission required in the minimum time and with minimum hassle. Our experienced architects and home design experts can work with you on every element of your home renovation or build. Check out our free downloadable home improvement guide for ideas of costs and tips on how to avoid pitfalls.

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