Alin Gheorgie

Alin Gheorgie

MSc (Hons)
Structural Engineer


Alin is our MSc qualified Structural Engineer and a massive asset to the team. Alin’s style is flamboyant and he is practical in his approach to structural design ensuring that his designs are not only the best and safest method possible but also that they are always buildable. Alin adds a unique point of difference to our service – construction and structural designs leave our office much better integrated with the Architectural designs. That means there are less changes on site as construction works proceed. Builders know exactly what is required of them from the outset and precisely the design intent ensuring works are planned out fully from day one. Alin also comes with a great understanding of the building process and therefore is often seen advising the designers who sit alongside him about what will work and what wont within their designs from a construction perspective. Alin also advises on construction costs and budgets throughout the process. He is very customer focused and receives continual praise from our clients on how attentive he has been throughout the build process when those inevitable builder queries come up.