Adding a Skylight in Your Home

One of the many, many benefits of a home renovation is the chance to put in new features to enhance your living space. Whereas before you were (probably) stuck with the house you bought, now’s the chance to take control and create the home you really want! From knocking down walls to adding new elements, it’s time to design your dream space.

One such feature you could add are skylights – a pretty popular addition to modern day home renovations. But, are they worth your time and money? Our team at Bluelime Home Design have got the low-down to help you decide whether skylights are the right choice for you.

Save Energy

If you want to incorporate some energy saving aspects into your home renovation, a set of skylights could be just the thing for you. By opening up your space and allowing more natural sunlight to enter, you can rely less on electric lighting. They’ll also work to heat up your home naturally in a similar way to conservatories, so you can watch your heating bills plummet!

More Light

More light comes with a huge heap of benefits, not just those involving energy-savings. It can improve your mood, keep you energized and give you a hit of that all-important vitamin D. Homes bathed in natural light also look much more welcoming than somewhere that’s dingy and dark. Consider bringing more light into your property with skylights when planning a home renovation.

Better Ventilation

Indoor pollution is something that we should all be more aware of. This is where unhealthy substances, for example gas from gas stoves and fumes from cleaning products, build up in a home’s atmosphere and reach levels where they could start to become harmful. Not ideal! The best type of skylight to combat this and keep your home’s air flowing is one that can be opened easily or incorporates a vent to improve circulation.


In this modern world, especially in urban areas, a lot of homes are built in pretty close proximity to other homes. This means that privacy is usually rare (unless you have the curtains drawn 24/7). If you want to gain more light but don’t want all the world to be able to see you in your home, skylights are the perfect solution! More light and no more nosey eyes.

Popular Feature

Do skylights add value to your home? They sure do! The best skylights for homes will be a great selling-point if you look to sell your property in the future. For all the reasons we’ve listed here (and more!), a lot of people are suckers for a skylight or two and they can add a more up-market feel to a property. They may even end up paying for themselves!

If you’re planning a home renovation and need a helping hand with deciding what features to incorporate and how to maximize your living space, get in touch with our team at Bluelime Home Design in Dartford, Bexley and Bromely. We have a huge amount of experience in designing and managing property renovations, including kitchen extensions – a popular area for your skylights! Your home will be in safe hands with our crew.

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