Planning an Open Plan Kitchen

Aside from the bedroom and the lounge, the kitchen in your home is probably the room in which most time is spent. No longer do we view kitchens as a space closed off from the rest of the house. Instead, it’s common for homeowners to want to ‘open up’ their kitchen and increase the feeling of space and openness, with the most popular solution being an open-plan kitchen design.

Perfect for maximising the space available in a home, adding a modern look, and ideal for properties of all shapes and sizes, an open-plan kitchen may sound appealing for your home. There are, of course, a number of tips you should follow when it comes to planning an open-plan kitchen.


It’s essential that consideration is afforded to the size and layout of your current property. If you do plan for an open-plan kitchen, you should be open to embracing the unusual, not least when it comes to layout. Your new kitchen doesn’t have to simply be rectangular; among the most popular options is an L-shaped design, which enables for open-plan living while retaining clear areas of separation.

Identify zones

An ideal open-plan kitchen has the ability to offer three things: space for cooking/general kitchen use, space for dining, and space for living. By clearly defining zones for each of these requirements – by intelligent use of furniture and fixtures – you have the opportunity to ensure that passing through each area feels like moving from room to room.

Natural and artificial light

One of the most important elements to consider in any building works is lighting, both natural and artificial. For artificial lighting, it’s vital to take into consideration ambient lighting, task lighting (for areas where activity happens), and feature lighting to illuminate a key design element. When it comes to natural light, meanwhile, more is most definitely more. Incorporating glass into your open-plan design enables light to pass through the entire area, while skylights offer an enhanced feeling of spaciousness during the day.

Incorporate your garden

Another great way to get the most out of redeveloping your home to have an open-plan kitchen is to incorporate your garden into the design. Not only will glass doors help flood the area with natural light and frame the outside space, but you may consider opening up the entire rear of a property with sliding panels to incorporate a decked area into the home.


A common issue that arises when a kitchen is integrated into the living areas of a home is the spread of smell and noise. As such, it’s important that you consider smell extraction options early in the design of your new kitchen. Always ensure that your extractor is fitted to an external wall, and that the pump and strength of the unit is adequate for the size of your property. To mitigate the spread of noise, meanwhile, suitable soundproofing, acoustic plasterboard, and the introduction of suitable soft furnishings will help absorb sound.

Find out more about open-plan kitchens

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