Making use of your Loft Space

Converting your loft can prove a valuable improvement to your home, whether you are planning to start a family or wanting to sell up. There’s a lot of potential in loft spaces, and while the popular route is to use them as a bedroom, there are other options, such as a playroom, a study or even something wilder – like a luxury home spa. Here are our top suggestions for what to make of your attic.

The good old fashioned bedroom

Whether it’s for guests, for the kids’ sleepovers or for yourself, a bedroom is the traditional use for an attic space. Before deciding who it’s for, take a look at the space, dimensions and light and take into account any adjustments you may need to make. Depending on what you’ve got to work with, you could have a cosy, contemporary room for guests or a light, airy room decorated in a vintage style.

A kids’ playroom

There are several advantages to converting your loft into a playroom. It’s a safe indoor space for the kids to have fun,  and it keeps the mess confined to one room! You can kit it out with their favourite things – books, toys, games and puzzles. If they’re older, beanbags and games consuls work just as well. You can make use of oddly shaped walls or sloping ceilings by building in clever storage or using soft floor furnishings instead of sofas.

A stunning sitting room

Larger loft conversions with plenty of natural light can become beautiful sitting rooms. The advantage of a lounge at the top of the house is that you can have a lovely view over the garden, surrounding landscape or cityscape. A natural wood floor and minimalistic feel can help to really make the most of the space.

A quiet study

Attic rooms make great tranquil spaces to work or study. Whether you’re a budding artist or run your business from home, you can remove yourself from the rest of the house and create a working environment that many would envy. Use neutral colours for a calm feel and add colour accents on smaller walls or with artwork. Invest in good artificial lighting if need be – daylight imitation bulbs are a good option for a bright, airy feel.

A luxury home spa

If you’re after the extraordinary for your loft conversion, why not turn it into a luxury home spa, with a whirlpool bath and built in speaker system for your relaxation soundtrack. You could add a comfy couch to read on or a yoga mat for some gentle exercise, and accessorise with scented candles and plants.

For more inspiration, check out our loft conversion ideas or take a look at our loft conversion guide to get started on your project.

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