Ways to Increase your Homes Floor Space

For most home owners, there inevitably comes a time when the floorspace of their current residence is simply no longer enough. Buying a bigger house in many instances is far too costly and disruptive to contemplate. So what are the best options for extending your existing property to not only add useful space, but also add value? Here are our top home renovation tips.

There are a lot of factors to take in to account when thinking about adding to your property. Firstly of course; your own situation financially. Also, as with most things; timing is key. Undergoing significant home extensions and incurring the associated costs right before you sell might mean that you don't recover those costs.

Many influences come into play here, including the general values in your area, how close to the stamp duty threshold your property is likely to be once the works are done, relative to the neighbourhood, and also what aspects of your property you choose to expand. If you can consider all of these when deciding how much to spend, this will help determine the best type of house remodelling project for you.


The most value is usually created by the addition of bedrooms and expansion/modernisation of your kitchen and bathrooms. This typically (but not always) requires a side or rear extension to the property. It is quite normal in cases like this to add to both floors as the work, materials and costs required to add to one floor are very close to those of adding to two. The additional value realised over time, however, can be significantly more.

This is not always the best course of action though. It is important to always keep in mind the balance of your home. If your living room is small, increasing the size of your house by an extra bedroom and adding a large kitchen is going to make it look and feel even smaller. There is also the reduction in exterior ground-space to consider. Many authorities require a set amount of garden space relative to the number of bedrooms in a property, which may well inhibit your ability to encroach on your lawn.

Loft conversion

Loft conversions undoubtedly offer the best cost to benefit ratio when it comes to simply adding usable space in your property. These require very little structural work, no additional foundations and don't involve the disruptions to your current living space that knocking out walls would in a rear or side extension. In many cases you will not require planning permission and works can be carried out in a relatively short space of time, depending on what you're adding.

Add a basement

If converting your loft won't give you amount or type of space you need, and the land surrounding your property is at too much of premium; you can always think about adding a basement level. This can work wonderfully for adding lots of very useful living space, but the cost implications are the highest of any type of extension, and thus only really suited to people who intend to live in the property for a long time.

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Whatever your requirements for home expansion, our industry-leading team of architects and project managers at Bluelime Home Design can help you find the best solution for your particular situation and needs. We have years of experience in providing architecture tips and consulting on home extensions. Contact us today to learn more, with offices in Bexley, Bromley, Dartford, Erith and Croydon.


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