Vaulted Ceiling Designs for your Home Renovation

Whether you’re exploring old cities or discovering ancient monuments, you’ll often find that the ceilings of prominent buildings have the most interesting design elements. Look up and you’ll be met with a host of intricate architecture you may never have seen before.

Interestingly, vaulted ceiling ideas can also add immediate interest to a home environment. By side-stepping flat ceilings and opting for something that breaks the ‘norm’ you can create both additional space and a living area to be admired.

Ideas to get you thinking

Both traditional and contemporary homes can benefit from vaulted ceilings, but it’s always best to discuss home improvements with design experts such as our highly-recommended architects in Kent. Deciding what best suits your property is no easy job, but vaulted ceiling ideas could include:

  1. Timber cladding

What better way to add warmth and texture to your home than with a timber-cladded vaulted ceiling? Whitewashed timber cladding, for instance, might be the perfect finish to your modern new build whereas richer, more walnut-colour hues can bring an organic feel to a traditional country home.

  1. Large, glazed windows

If you’re lucky enough to have a property with a vaulted ceiling, why not make the most of it? Turn this design element into a talking point by inserting a glazed window from floor to ceiling, following the natural shape of your home’s structure. This will allow as much natural light to flood your property as possible helping the interior to feel bright, airy and far from claustrophobic.

  1. Install rooflights

Alternatively,you may want to add light in a different way, by installing rooflights or natural glazing. This will automatically make people look up and appreciate the uniqueness of your home.

  1. Exposed rafters and trusses

To create a rustic effect, why not keep rafters and trusses exposed as this can look wonderfully traditional and add both character and charm? Similarly, hanging chandeliers from striking roof beams is an excellent way to make use of the extra ceiling space and to add a touch of beauty to the interior.

  1. Create extra space

Whether you’re converting a loft or simply want to increase the space of an otherwise small room, a vaulted ceiling may be an option worth thinking about. By raising the roof, you’re essentially increasing the size of the room making it more liveable. If you do extend your property, however, remember that you’re likely to need planning permission.

  1. Insert shelving

If your room is a little on the small side with a vaulted ceiling that’s extremely angular, it might be difficult to position furniture without it looking awkward. For this reason, it’s a good idea to maximise vertical space by inserting shelving. Even if your roof goes into a triangular point, you can still fit a shelf into this area for maximum storage.

For all your vaulted ceiling design and home improvement needs, contact Bluelime Home Design today. As south east architects with offices in Dartford, Bromley, Erith, Bexley and Croydon, Bluelime has extensive renovation experience and can offer a home design consultation at a time that suits you.


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