The Future of Residential Architecture Has Arrived…

Bluelime Introduces Virtual Reality into the world of Residential Architecture.

Whilst cutting edge Virtual Reality (VR) Technology is normally reserved for multi-million pound commercial projects, Bluelime have decided to level up the playing field by offering all of our clients an exclusive one-off opportunity to experience your final designs in Virtual Reality.

With the Bluelime VR Experience® we invite you to explore your dream home design in real-time to enjoy an unrivalled tour of your newly designed dream living space. How do the rooms flow, do the Bifold doors give a sufficient view of the garden or is the island unit in the kitchen the correct size and in the correct location? We will invite you into our Design Pod to pop on a pair of VR Goggles and will allow you the unique opportunity to experience your new designs first-hand.

Step with us into the age of high-tech digital design and embrace the world of Virtual Reality, we know you'll love it!

Bluelime offers an unrivalled architectural experience**

Imagine being able to take a virtual stroll around your new dream home. Developing your property is an expensive process and here at Bluelime we want you to make all of those costly design decisions BEFORE we submit your planning application. This gives us an opportunity to make some last minute tweaks before your designs are “locked and loaded” with the Planning Dept. and there is no better way to do this than by using VR technology. Here is an example of what you should expect with the Bluelime VR Experience®

Space and Light VR Experience

Or maybe an animated fly-through is more your kind of thing?**

4 St Mary Road Fly Through

The other option we have available is a CGI fly-through of your design. The difference between this and the Bluelime Virtual Reality Experience® is that we create a 3D tour of your design adding colour/lighting effects in a video file format meaning you can watch it at home and can even email it to your friends and family for that valuable second opinion.

Tell me more?

Enquire today and one of our team will reach talk you through how we can use Virtual Reality and 3D Design to make your dream designs come to life**

Please call us on 01322 521026 for more information.

**These services are exclusively available to Bluelime Clients only.