What to consider when renovating your home

Most of us know that starting home renovations requires some research before calling the contractors in, but novices out there may not know exactly what the considerations they need to make are. To save you scouring the web for tips, we’ve put together a handy guide detailing everything you need to think about.

  1. Make your vision realistic

Yes, it would be lovely to have a hot tub on the decking or a stone floor with underfloor heating in the kitchen, but it’s also important to be realistic about what your budget and resources will allow. When planning, think about the main function of the renovation and ensure the plan will fulfil that function – you can always add the more luxurious touches later.

  1. Outline your budget

Whatever your budget is, ensure it encompasses a buffer in case the project is delayed or you end up having to spend more than you anticipated. For example, if your total budget is £12,000, set aside a portion of that – say, £2,000 – and work with the rest. If you manage to complete without dipping into that fund, you can always use it to decorate, furnish or work on another project. If you do come across a stumbling block, however, you’ll be glad it’s there.

  1. Hire an architect

This may not be necessary for smaller renovations, but it’s always useful to hire an architect or designer to help you make the most of the space and create the plans. They’ll also be able to check the structure of the property is sound, advise on removal of walls and ensure you comply with the relevant laws and guidelines.

  1. Find the right contractor

Finding a good contractor is the key to a smooth renovation experience. If you can’t get a referral for a reliable house remodelling contractor through family, friends or colleagues, look at websites such as Checkatrade or Trust a Trader to help you choose one in your area. You may even want to speak to a couple before you make your final decision. Once you’ve chosen, agree a timeline and outline anything that may be affected by noisy work – for example, the kids’ bed time.

  1. Prepare the house

It’s likely that you’ll be without at least one room during the course of the remodelling, so ensure you are prepared for that. Pack up anything that needs to be removed and relocate it to another part of the house or a storage facility. Bear in mind you may need a removal firm to help with this.

  1. Arrange pet care

Pets may get unsettled or upset by the noise and activity of a home renovation, so try to arrange some alternative care for when things are likely to be loud. If they’ll be staying with a family member or friend, remember to give plenty of notice and advise of any specific requirements during the stay.

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