Home renovation over the festive period

A house renovation over Christmas - you'd have to be mad, right? Wrong! The run-up to the festive season can actually be a great time to have work done on your home. Imagine your home looking lovely and cozy, not only for Christmas itself, but for those grey January days. At a time when joy can feel in short supply a beautiful house could be what you need to lift your spirits.

Why renovate now?

The kitchen is likely to be the hub of your Christmas celebrations. If you usually have the whole family over, and you've been thinking about having some improvements done, now's as good a time as any. Needing a more spacious kitchen for example? Why not knock through a wall or an open plan kitchen diner? Open surroundings might just help you keep your cool with six pans on the stove and a turkey that's been roasting for hours (we speak from experience). It doesn't have to be as drastic as getting rid of a wall of course! A wall of old cabinets replaced with shelves can make the kitchen feel more spacious immediately.

If your guests are staying for more than a couple of nights, why not spruce up their bedrooms or bathrooms? It's Christmas!

If you've been planning to invest in new flooring, windows, pipes or insulation, why wait? You'll be able to enjoy a more comfortable home over much of this winter if you start now. Energy-saving improvements have proved to save you money on your fuel bills, the sooner you upgrade, the more money stays in your pocket!

As Christmas presents go, a nicer home is a pretty good one. The whole family will be able to enjoy it every day for years or decades to come. Everyone can be involved in the design decisions too, so it feels like a real family venture and investment.


Need some home renovation advice?

We have offices in Dartford, Erith, Bexley, Bromley and Croydon, so if you're looking for a firm of architects in south east London with an excellent reputation, or would just like some festive home renovation advice, contact us on 01322 521026 for an informal chat or email fresh@bluelimeprojects.com.


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