Small Kitchen Extensions

If you’ve got a small kitchen, you probably know how much of a pain it can be. In a home, the right kitchen can become a hub of family activity, with cooking, entertaining and relaxing all taking place in a large, well-designed space. But, with a small kitchen, your chances of that are pretty slim.

This is where small kitchen extensions come in. By cleverly building on your kitchen and designing with space in mind, you can create a space you can only dream of right now.

The Benefits of Kitchen Extensions

Extending your kitchen comes with a wealth of benefits that make it worthwhile. You can create the space that you and your family need, making life a whole lot easier and maximising its practicality.

Not only does cooking up tasty, homemade meals become a lot easier and enjoyable when you have the room, you also have more space to store and display all those gadgets you’ve wanted. Dreaming of a large, double-door fridge? Now you can have one! Imagining clutter-free, magazine-worthy countertops? A kitchen extension can make it a reality!

You can also increase the value of your home with small kitchen extensions, meaning you can actually get the money you spend on it back and your home will be a lot more desirable on the property market.

Types of Small Kitchen Extensions

The most popular type of kitchen extension is the single-storey option. This is when you only build out of the lower floor of your home, extending the space into the land around your house for a large, open kitchen.

Side return extensions are great for homes (usually period properties) that have a small alley running outside next to the kitchen which isn’t really used. You can build out into this area, making the most of the land you have.

A wrap-round extension can really maximise the space of your kitchen. This is when the extension moves out from both sides of your home – the side return and the rear.

If you want to let the light into your kitchen, you could opt for a conservatory extension. These can really open up a small space and are usually cheaper than the other extensions mentioned. If you want to incorporate a dining or living area into your kitchen, this is a great small kitchen solution.

How Much Will It Cost?

Every extension will have a different figure when it comes to cost, so we can’t really pin down a price. If this is a concern for you, simply get a professional at Bluelime Home Design to come and check out the area for you – we’ll be able to give you a more insightful quote.

What we can tell you, however, is that your small kitchen extension should add around 5-10% to the overall value of your property – a good return!

Local Architects Bluelime Home Design

If you want to extend your small kitchen, Bluelime Home Design is the team for you. We’re skilled in kitchen extensions – and why not check out our loft conversions while you’re here? If you’d like more insight into our work before we get the ball rolling, take a peep at our past projects.

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