Looking to Redesign Your Bickley Home?

Only just thinking about getting that home extension? Know exactly what you want converted? Need some further help with how you can create your dream home?

Whatever stage you are at, Bluelime Home Design have the architectural knowledge to make your ideas a reality. 

We are a local company operating in Bickley and surrounding areas. We specialise in home design and project management in extensions, conversions, renovations and remodelling of homes.

With over a decade of managing a number of home design projects in Kent and South East London, we have built up great relationships with local councils and builders, allowing you to cut through the perceived red tape around your dream home.

As a leading company in home design, we believe in putting our clients first. We are flexible in approach and believe you should be in control of your own project. Our role is to advise and help make your home ideas become a reality.

How Bluelime Home Design Will Support You:

Sticking to your budget: One of the most stressful parts of any home renovation project is spending more money than you intended. Our extensive knowledge managing home design projects means we outline your projected costs at the very first consultation we have with you meaning there will be no nasty shocks later on.

Finding the best design for you: Whatever your requirements, we design several layout options for your project at no extra charge. This means you can make a fully informed decision when you choose your final designs.

Planning and building approvals: Having good relationships with local councils and knowledge of planning approvals, we will take the hassle of getting you the relevant permissions to get your project underway.

Trusted Builders: We will show you how to avoid those dreaded cowboy builders. One of our service packages also allows you to hand over the stress of tendering out your project to us. Using our expertise, we will get 4 quotes from reputable building companies, meaning you will only have to pick the best quote for you. We will also make you a recommendation ourselves, as it is not always the lowest price quote that is the right one for a project.

Free initial consultation: With no obligation to continue, we give you a no strings attached consultation to go over your ideas, ways to make them a reality, cost implications and insider secrets on how to get the most out of your home design project.

House prices in Bickley

In October 2018, the average price for property in Bickley was £794,962: £1,207,490 for a detached house; £572,353 for a semi-detached house; £441,816 for a terraced house and £379,760 for a flat. Prices fell by 1.36 per cent in the previous three months.

Find more information on Bickley house prices got to Zoopla.co.uk

Planning applications in Bickley

Bromley Council is the planning authority for Bickley. If you want to build a new home, you will need to pay to make a planning application to the council. These fees are set by the government and include:

£206 for an extension

£462 for a new home, or a conversion of another type of building into a home (though nowadays some types of conversion don’t require planning permission).

You can pay for advice from the council before you submit your application to help you understand what is and isn’t likely to be successful. The council charges £150 for advice on applications for an extension and £310 for advice on plans for a new home or conversion.

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We understand that getting started with a project can be the hardest step. That’s why we will support you and hold your hand throughout the process. To book your free consultation with one of our architectural designers

in the Bickley area today, give us a call on 01322 521026, email fresh@bluelimeprojects.com, or fill out our contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.

It’s time to create your dream home.

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