Single Storey Rear Extension

For our clients at 286 Maidstone Road, we designed a beautiful single-story extension, and an internal conversion, changing the landscape of the ground floor. With large-scale modifications to the conservatory, kitchen, and dining room. With additional changes to the garden patio area surrounding the household The existing roof design required extensive planning done, due to the large volume of pitches and gables present on the glass conservatory roof. Whereas the new pitched roof extension stays true to the existing house design, with the vaulted ceiling giving a spacious feel to the interior of the building. The extension was complimented by roof lights on the ceiling as well as a new bespoke window giving both a view into the garden and allowing natural light to enter the home.   The kitchen has been redesigned to incorporate the new specifications, with the new kitchen being in an “L” shape. The area previously used by a dining table has been changed to a permanent island feature, allowing for a communal space for the family. Connecting to the kitchen diner is a living room style feature, where guests can relax after a meal or enjoy the TV.  To create a more comfortable and modern atmosphere the visible radiators were removed in favor of underfloor heating, allowing for a more consistent temperature throughout the room. To match the new aesthetic of the extension the surrounding patio area was repaved, and a series of steps going from the conservatory was created to construct a seamless transition from the garden to the property.  

What was included in this home renovation project?

  • Measured CAD survey
  • Concept designs in AutoCAD
  • Planning permission application
  • Structural Detailing
  • Construction drawings including Drainage, Mechanical, and Electrical Drawings
  • Building Control Application
  • Specification
  • Budget Costing

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