Single Storey Rear Extension & Open Plan Kitchen/Diner


    At 44 Shaw Crescent, we designed a single-story extension to replace an old conservatory to the rear of the property. This created a new open plan Kitchen/Diner with an island unit and Utility Room. What was particularly tricky on this project was avoiding a flat roof design which our client did not want. The difficulty with the alternative pitch roof design was keeping the surface of the roof a minimum of 150mm below the window cills at the first-floor level which is required to stop water penetration into the rooms above the extension. This is a common issue for rear single-story extensions and there are various ways of keeping the roof low whilst creating a sloped tiled finish. some of those options have been demonstrated in the images below.

    What was included in this home renovation project

        • Measured CAD survey
        • Concept designs in AutoCAD
        • Planning permission application
        • Structural Detailing
        • Construction drawings including Drainage, Mechanical and Electrical Drawings
        • Building Control Application
        • Specification
        • Budget Costing

    For our clients at 44 Shaw Crescent, Croydon we undertook a complete Architectural Design Services comprising of the following Project Brief:

        1. Demolish existing conservatory to rear of property making room for new single storey extension.
        2. Remove internal side room connected to the kitchen.
        3. Remove raised garden.
        4. Build new single storey extension to rear.
        5. Suggest going into rear garden with extension 4m from existing main house rear wall and going full width of house.
        6. Demolish existing kitchen/dining room external rear walls and internal separating wall between kitchen/dining room to form large, luxurious open plan Kitchen/Diner continuing into new extension.
        7. This will provide a fantastic large open plan rectangular space for your Kitchen/Diner perfect for incorporating an island unit/breakfast bar and dining table, even a soft seating chill out area as well.
        8. Give design options on partial removal of the internal dividing wall between the kitchen/dining room.
        9. Add Bi-folding or sliding doors to rear elevation maximising natural light in Kitchen/Diner bringing the outside in. I would also like to design a further option with a window over the sink just to make sure we have considered everything. This will also provide a nice outlook over the garden.
        10. Raise Patio Area creating flush floor finish through doors into Kitchen/Diner. In summer with the doors open this creates a seamless transition between outside and inside effectively making the Kitchen/Diner feel even larger. Particularly if new raised external patio area is fitted with identical tiled floor finish to Kitchen/Diner.
        11. Form new steps/retaining wall from proposed raised Patio Area to Garden.
        12. Close off existing door to the kitchen, form new opening and install new double glass doors between Hallway and Kitchen. This will provide an amazing light and airy outlook all the way from the front entrance door to the back garden. This will create that critical first impression ‘wow’ factor when coming through the front entrance door and will make it feel less congested around this entrance area.
        13. Form new ground floor Utility Room/Boot Room in RH side with an external door to side alley and another door opening into Kitchen/Diner. This will provide an alternative entry to your house rather than having to go through your nice new Kitchen every time. The Utility Room in effect doubles up as a Boot Room where you can come into the house with muddy shoes, dog etc and hide it all away from the main Kitchen/Diner which can be kept nice and clean. As a Utility Room it doubles up as an overspill from the Kitchen where you can have your washing machine, tumble dryer, back up fridge freezer etc. maybe even a sink to wash the muddy shoes. Utility Rooms are great when you have guests and family around as you can pile up some of the dishes in there for washing up later. Some of our clients have even put a second dishwasher in here which can be quite handy.
        14. Form a WC/Shower behind the Utility Room.
        15. Extension roof options:
        16. New flat roof – Can incorporate large over-hanging roof incorporating LED lights such as image 10 attached. Creates a nice modern contrast to a traditional property also easy to incorporate glass skylights maximising natural light in this area. System flat roofs can create an even more modern roof finish, they are high performing, come with good guarantees, must be installed by approved installers but are more expensive. They create a seamless, slick, smooth modern finish. See image 8 and 10.
        17. New pitched roof – More in keeping with traditional house designs and tend to cost more than flat roofs, again can introduce remote controlled roof windows maximising natural light into this area. The ceiling can be vaulted to give a more spacious feel. This is the most popular form of extension roof construction and are pretty much maintenance free, again you can have a large overhanging section of roof with LED’s. See images 3, 4, and 5.
        18. With a well-designed and properly planned out single storey extension your property would increase in value considerably with you now having an open plan Kitchen/Diner with separate Utility Room and ground floor WC/Shower which are all currently in high demand in the property market.
        19. Approximate construction budget £70,000 - £80,000 (Excluding Kitchen)

    Architectural services carried out during this project:

    Full Architectural designs, planning approval, structural and construction designs, Building Control approval.

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